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Announcing Digital Search Summit Orlando 2017

I’m extremely excited to announce the first Digital Search Summit event, being held as a part of the Merge! Show, this Fall in Orlando, Florida. As the host of Digital Search Summit, I’ve worked with the conference organizers of Merge! Show to put together a great set of digital marketing and search marketing sessions, presented by world-class speakers.

tl;dr Digital Search Summit is a new event being held in October in Orlando, FL. There are a limited number of speaking spots available. It’s also great for sponsors, as it reaches far beyond the search industry.

Merge! is a combination of several events. The content and focuses of Merge! all share a common theme, which is the incredible utility that domain names provide. Planned sub-events, topics, attendees, and subject matter include:

  • Domain Names
  • Digital Branding
  • Technology Transformation
  • Large Brand CIO/CMO/Directors
  • Internet Registrars And Registries
  • Web Hosting / Cloud / Providers
  • Small To Medium Business Owners
  • Domain Name Owners / Developers
  • Graphic Designers / UX Developers
  • Business Intelligence And Big Data
  • Mobile / Game Developers
  • Venture Capitalists / Angels
  • Cms / Drupal / Joomla / WordPress
  • Search Automation / SEO / SEM
  • Venture / Funding / Finance
  • Internationalization / Inclusion
  • Developer / User Group
  • Dot Brand Registries
  • Security / Encryption / SSL
  • Domain Asset Appraisal
  • Legal Best Practices
  • Social Media / Artificial Intelligence
  • Courses And Classes
  • Job Faire & Job Connect
  • As I mentioned, the Merge! Orlando event is bringing together about 10 different events, all held October 10-14, 2017. Here’s a list of the current events, more to be announced soon:

    The Domain Conference
    Blockchain Roadshow
    McGrady Domain Academy
    Allegravita’s China Boot Camp
    CMS Summit
    Digital Search Summit
    Token Fest
    WHIR Hosting Cloud

    MERGE.BUILD : CMS Summit

    Content Management Systems (CMS) like WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Drupal, and DotNetNuke are used widely for everything from blogs to large corporate presences. Meet and talk with the makers, developers, and trainers at CMS Summit.

    MERGE.Domains : THE Domain Conference

    A continuation of a legacy of more than a decade of domain industry, investment, and opportunity with domains and networking, THE Domain Conference will feature domain name investors and development of commercial websites.

    MERGE.LIVE : Live Casting

    Content and materials, conference experiences, and event satisfaction are always enriched by the ability to participate live and remote. Learn from experts on integrating live content with recorded and post-production materials, and engaging with larger audiences using live, and more.

    MERGE.TECH : Blockchain Roadshow

    Blockchain – made popular by cryptocurrency events like the wild rush to etherium and the rise of BitCoin – is here to stay. Learn from Blockchain experts on the innovation and future trends to watch for in the not too distant future.

    MERGE.LEGAL : McGrady Domain Academy

    Featuring Paul D. McGrady, Partner at Winston & Strawn’s Chicago Office and Author of McGrady on Domain Names and McGrady on Social Media from LexisNexis

    MERGE.MARKETING : Digital Search Summit

    Search, Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Affiliate Marketing, and Marketing Automation are important aspects of development and ongoing vibrance for brands. Join Bill Hartzer and special guests to learn more and boost your crucial base of important tools for growth.

    Allegravita’s China Boot Camp

    MERGE! will feature the world-famous Allegravita China Boot Camp through the entire run of conference days. As the benchmark for actionable information-dense China masterclasses, the Allegravita China Boot Camp at MERGE! will feature an exciting selection of prominent China experts. Session presenters, their topics and curricula are being carefully curated and coordinated by Simon Cousins, Raymond Li, Catherine Davis and the Allegravita team. Boot Camp sessions will cover a wide range of marketing and communications, internet technology, corporate, regulatory, and cultural topics facing new and experienced entrants to the vast China market.

    MERGE.NETWORKING : Cloud/Hosting Networking Event

    Hosting and Cloud Services are at the center of most every technology innovation, and MERGE! has a magnificent networking activity planned around gathering hosting and cloud services so that you can meet some of the best and brightest in the businesss. Socialize with industry executives and corporate decision makers who have an interest in the hosting, cloud, MSP, VAR, Telco and internet infrastructure industries. Enjoy hosting and cloud panels, plus this Networking Cocktail Event. October 17, 2017


    Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) and Crypto Currency like Ethereum and Bitcong are just some of the white hot areas of growth and innovation. Join Ryan Colby, founder of TOKEN FEST, for some magnificent sessions on ICO and the market. Is crowdfunding your venture the right approach using ICO?

    MERGE LAT : Confluir

    As part of the content at MERGE! there will be highlights on businesses and services that serve the Hispanic community. Understand and embrace this important market. MERGE! LAT sessions that will have leaders share on ways to reach this market, highlighting some industry leaders that are having successes.

    More About Digital Search Summit

    As the host of the first Digital Search Summit at Merge!, I’d like to personally invite you to join me in Orlando from October 14-18, 2017. We’re planning on some great sessions, including:

    – Organic SEO
    – Paid Search (PPC)
    – Mobile Search and Everything Mobile
    – Facebook and Facebook Ads
    – Social Media
    – Search Panel discussion and live Q&A

    If you’re interested in speaking at the event, there are a few speaking spots available. Please fill out the form here if you wish to speak. There are also sponsor opportunities available, as well. This is a very unique digital search industry conference, as you won’t just meet those interested in digital marketing and search. Merge! Orlando is bringing together several events all at once!

    If you have any questions about the event, feel free to get in touch with me. I look forward to seeing you in Orlando!

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