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76 Speakers to See at Pubcon Las Vegas 2017

Pubcon Las Vegas 2016 - Bill's List

Every so often, there’s a conference that I attend and speak at that I really look forward to every year. Pubcon Las Vegas is one of those conferences. Some years I attend and speak at up to 18 conferences, and this one has to be my favorite. Not because it’s held in Las Vegas, but because of the attendees and speakers. I have made more friendships and learned more at Pubcon than any other conference series. The networking is top-notch, and the content keeps getting better and better.

One main reason that Pubcon’s so great is the wonderful speakers. This year, Pubcon Las Vegas 2017 is no different. I’ve just taken the past 30 minutes or so to review the sessions, the lineup of speakers, and the session descriptions. Having spoken at so many Pubcon conferences and attended so many sessions over the years, I can say that I have an eye for spotting great sessions. And, as you may recall, I personally hand pick a number of speakers that you absolutely must see speak. They’re true experts in their topic. You’ll learn a ton from them. I do. If you miss one of these speakers’ sessions, seek them out during the networking events and talk with them. Get to know them. Get their business card. So many, like me, are willing to “talk shop” and answer any questions you have.

I have pleasure this year of speaking about SEO Audits in a session alongside Alan Bleiweiss. So, I won’t mention my name in my list below, or Alan’s name (because I just did). Come see our session at Pubcon Las Vegas 2017. So, without further adieu, here’s my personal, hand-picked list of speakers that you must see speak at Pubcon Las Vegas 2017. Note that these aren’t in any particular order of importance. If you’re not on my list this time, come meet me, wow me, and tell me why you should be on the list. Or, you can bribe me: I accept Skittles.

Simon Heseltine
Virginia Nussey
Ryan Jones
Kevin Doory
Greg Gifford
Marie Haynes
Damon Gochneaur
Dave Rohrer
Susan Wenograd
Bill Slawski
Jon Henshaw
Casey Markee
Kenton Hutcherson
Casie Gillette
Elmer Boutin
Ann Smarty
Warren Whitlock
Jennifer Slegg
Christoph C. Cemper
Mona Elesseily
Steve Hammer
Eric Enge
Eli Schwartz
Patrick Stox
Aleyda Solis
Bill Hunt
Jenny Halasz
Bruce Clay
Christine Churchill
Jake Bohall
David Szetela
Keith Goode
Rebecca Murtagh
Matt Siltala
Sean Dolan
Kate Morris
Ashley Ward
Bryant Garvin
Rob Garner
Scott Hendison
Duane Forrester
Katy Katz
Carolyn Shelby
David Vogelpohl
Gary Illyes
Adam Riemer
Brent Payne
Chris Boggs
Tony Wright
Zeph Snapp
Andrew Shotland
Kevin Lee
Nathan Johns
David Klein
Janet Driscoll Miller
Brad Geddes
Jenneva Vargas
Lisa Buyer
Kristine Schachinger
Roger B. Dooley
Melissa Fach
Marty Weintraub
Dennis Yu
Dixon Jones
Purna Virji
Victoria Cushing
Michael Bonfils
Stoney Degeyter
Paul Madden
David Wallace
Sean Jackson
Mark Traphagen
Annie Cushing
Craig Paddock
Loren Baker
Anthony Robinson

Last year there were 57 speakers on my list. This year there’s 76. How many will be on next year’s list?

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