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57 Speakers To See at Pubcon Las Vegas 2016

Pubcon Las Vegas 2016 - Bill's List

For years and years (over 10 years now), I’ve been attending and speaking at Pubcon conferences. From New Orleans to Fort Lauderdale, Austin, and Las Vegas, I’ve seen a lot of sessions, both good and…. anyhow, for the past several years I have been putting together my own list of speakers to see. I’ve chosen sometimes 6 speakers and sometimes 86 speakers.

These are speakers that you must not miss. I can’t reveal exactly how I pick speakers for the list, but it may or may not involve the topic they’re speaking on, if I’ve seen them speak before, or some other reason. Or some may have just talked to be and made me feel guilty for not including them on previous lists. I could also be that they paid me to be on the list. Or maybe not. LOL

Pubcon Las Vegas is being held again this year in the South Hall at the Las Vegas Convention Center from October 10-13, 2016. This year I’m not speaking–just attending and watching sessions. If you can’t find me, I’ll be also hanging out at the booth. So, without further ado, here’s my list of speakers you should see at Pubcon Las Vegas 2016.

Keynote Speakers
There are a few keynote speakers that you should definitely see. Here’s my list of keynote speakers to see at Pubcon Las Vegas 2016:

Scott Stratten
Bill Hunt
Robert Scoble
Gary Illyes

Speakers to See and Meet
Casey Markee
Greg Gifford
Tony Wright
Melissa Fach
Simon Heseltine
Aleyda Solis
Andrew Goodman
Sean Jackson
Sha Menz
Carolyn Shelby
Marty Weintraub
William Leake
Matt Siltala
Carrie Hill
Christine Churchill
Christi Olson
Chris Boggs
Damon Gochneaur
David Szetela
David Wallace
Dixon Jones
Arnie Kuenn
Bernadette Coleman
Brad Geddes
Marie Haynes
Bill Slawski
Duane Forrester
Eric Enge
Michael Bonfils
Michael King
Giovanni Gallucci
Jake Baillie
Jennifer Slegg
Jenny Halasz
Jim Boykin
Joe Laratro
Katy Katz
Kevin Adams
Anne Kennedy
Annie Cushing
Brent Csutoras
Bruce Clay
Kevin Lee
Kristine Schachinger
Lisa Buyer
Loren Baker
Mark Traphagen
Michael Dorausch
Mike Grehan
Purna Virji
Ryan Jones
Stephan Spencer
Todd Malicoat

Of course, this list of mine isn’t in any particular order. I went ahead and sort of “randomized it” so that it’s not in any particular order of importance. Also, this year, I thought I’d pick a few sessions that I think will be popular. I remember one particular Pubcon Las Vegas conference several years ago that were very memorable for me:

— The year Twitter was launched and started becoming popular. That year, at Pubcon, the Twitter/social media session was standing-room-only. There were so many people crammed in that room during that session, it was pretty unbelievable.

— The year that David Klein (DK) hired “entertainment” for his session… a real live magician who performed during the session. Magical boxes and all.

This year, here are my picks for the best sessions:

SEO Link Building – with Google’s Penguin on the mind of some many right now, any of these sessions are going to be good.

Instagram: Working the Newsfeed Algorithm

SEO 2016 with Greg Boser

Penguin – Master Level Advanced Discussions

Mobile is the New Local

Reputation Management and Personal Branding

I’ll see you in Las Vegas! Be sure to stop by the booth and say hello to the folks at Majestic, I should be there quite often since I’m a US Brand Ambassador for Majestic.

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