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21 People I Want to Hear Speak at Pubcon NOLA 2014

The PubCon conference, being held in New Orleans March 17 to March 20, 2014 at the New Orleans Convention Center, is a great conference that I’m attending and speaking at next week. I don’t remember how many PubCon conferences I’ve been to and spoken on panels at, but it’s going on at least 10, perhaps 15 of them.

There’s a reason why I always look forward to PubCon, and it’s mainly because of the speakers and the sessions: and the content that they present. I’ve come up with a list of the speakers that I personally want to hear speak this year at PubCon NOLA. I prefer the organic SEO-related sessions and the social media sessions, so my list is probably going to be a little biased towards those sessions. But if there’s a speaker that I know you’ll love hearing, then I’ve included them in my list, as well.

Robert Cialdini – Mr. Cialdini is always a pleasure to hear speak, and it is very motivating. I heard his keynote at a previous PubCon in Las Vegas, and I’m sure you’ll like to hear what he has to say. He also gives out these neat little laminated business cards with info on them, so be sure to get one of those.

William Atchison – He’ll be speaking in the Algo Chaos session that I’m also speaking on, I’m always intrigued as to what he has to say.

Craig Paddock – Lots of knowledge of Keyword Research. Don’t miss his session.

Sean Jackson – Content Marketing. Sean always has great info about content marketing.

Mark Barrera – I’ve known Mark for a long time now, just about 10 years. And have also worked with Mark. He knows his stuff.

Greg Boser – It’s not a PubCon unless you what he has to say.

Christine Churchill – SEO, SEM, don’t miss her tools session this time.

Larry Kim – I always get a kick out of what Larry has to say. Great info as always.

Dixon Jones – Dixon from Majestic SEO has some interesting stuff to talk about regarding Alternative search. Majestic SEO’s latest version has a keyword search, hopefully he’ll talk about it.

Michael King – Yet another PubCon must-see. It’s not a PubCon without Mr. King.

Dennis Yu – Want to know about Facebook? Dennis is your guy.

Mike Stewart – I’ve known Mike for quite some time now. He knows Local and local links.

Eric Enge – The king of social and search, and anything to do with Google+, Google Authorship, and Google AuthorRank. Again, a must-see.

Mark Traphagen – Ditto for Mark, he’s also someone I regard as being the expert on Google+, Google Authorship, and Google AuthorRank.

Brian Combs – Another king of local and local search.

Rebecca Murtagh – Knows a lot about small business, rankings, and combine social media and search for great success and ROI.

Anne Kennedy – If it’s international SEO info you’re after, then Anne is who you need to see.

Carolyn Shelby – The WordPress Queen. Really, she really IS a queen. Ask her and she’ll tell you.

Rob Garner – I’ve known Rob personally for over 15 years. And yes, he always has his Google Glass on.

Alan K’Necht – This Canadian knows his social media.

William Leake – I’ve known Bill for over 10 years, and always love his presentations. He’s part of a great startup, be sure to ask him about it.

That’s only 21 of the great speakers that I look forward to hearing speak at this year’s PubCon New Orleans conference. Be sure to introduce yourself if you’re attending this year.

Here’s a few ‘honorable mentions’, so to speak, as the original list was kept to 21 people:

Tony Wright – Tony is speaking on an SEO panel and on Web Reputation Management. If you need info on reputation management, Tony is the guy to talk to.

Bruce Clay – I’ve known Bruce since “forever”, and he’s one of the originals. I always learn something when I hear Bruce speak.

Tim Ash – The king of conversions and landing page conversions. He wrote the book.

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