Zuberance Webinar June 24 Shows How to Turn Word of Mouth into Sales


Zuberance, a Word of Mouth marketing company that provides an on-demand platform that enables B2B and B2C marketers to identify and mobilize their Advocates, generating leads and sales, is hosting a free webinar on June 24th (today) 11 AM Pacific Time about how to turn “word of mouth” into actual sales.

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What is Word of Mouth Marketing?
Word of mouth is a pre-existing phenomenon that marketers are only now learning how to harness, amplify, and improve. Word of mouth marketing isn’t about creating word of mouth — it’s learning how to make it work within a marketing objective.

Word of Mouth is the number one influencer of business buyers’ purchase decisions, numerous studies have found. Word of Mouth has twice the influence of advertising, press coverage, and direct mail and email, according to a recent study of B2B Word of Mouth by Keller Fay, a leading Word of Mouth research firm. However, many business marketers are not yet harnessing the power of Word of Mouth to drive sales.

The Zuberance webinar will feature real-world case studies of how B2B companies are harnessing Word of Mouth to:

• Increase sales in a down economy
• Generated thousands of qualified leads
• Combat negative Word of Mouth

All attendees of today’s free webinar will receive a free white paper entitled, “Turning Word of Mouth into Sales Now for B2B Companies.”

Zuberance is a leading Word of Mouth marketing software company. Global 2000 companies and others are using Zuberance’s Word of Mouth marketing platform to identify and mobilize their highly-satisfied customers, driving sales. Headquartered in San Carlos, CA, Zuberance is backed by Emergence Capital Partners, the leading venture capital firm focused on early and growth-stage Technology-Enabled Services companies.

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  1. mlgreen8753 says

    Word of mouth is one of the best sources of exposure because it cost nothing and people do it voluntarily. That’s concept that the network marketing business model is built on. However word of mouth comes only after you have gotten a significant amount of customers, which can only come from advertising. There are many online and offline methods of advertising. I myself prefer online advertising for it’s reach. I use a article marketing and video marketing on Adwido.

    Once you’ve gotten some good exposure through your advertising, you have to deliver exceptional results to your customer if you expect them to give you good reviews. No matter what, you will get word of mouth advertising, the question is, will it be positive?

  2. Lumosity says

    Word of mouth advertising is truly one of the best forms of advertising. Women’s purchasing power has increased considerably and word of mouth has been said to be one of the best means of reaching this group. I would love to learn more about how to tap into this advertising form more effectively.

  3. Denver Engagement Photographer says

    What is the cost of going to a webinar like this? And do you really think it would improve a photography business like mine. I mean a lot of my business is based on word of mouth alone, but I’m not sure I’m seeing how this company could add to that?

  4. Angela Paul says

    The Zuberance webinar is very interesting. I think it can help me a lot as an affiliate marketer.