YouTube Does the Harlem Shake

If you haven’t seen the Harlem Shake yet, well, you probably could be considered to be officially “out of it” and not hip to what’s going on on the web now. And most of us have already been in a Harlem Shake video already. Others, like, me, just refuse to be in one of those videos.

There have been a lot of great viral videos over the years, but nothing has come close to the Harlem Shake and all the people who are getting inspired to make their own Harlem Shake videos. I personally like the Miami Heat’s Harlem Shake Video.

Now, though, even YouTube itself has been inspired to do the Harlem Shake.

If you search “do the harlem shake” over at, you’ll get somewhat of an “easter egg” by YouTube, the interface will come alive and literally do the “Harlem Shake”. Check it out below:

Hat tip goes to my buddy Barry for finding and reporting this.

By the way, even our team at Standing Dog has done our own version of the Harlem Shake:

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  1. Nathan says

    Haha that is very cool! I have seen many different versions of this and it never gets old…yet. Just goes to show the power of YouTube and if you are either very clever or extremely lucky the impact it can have on you or your business.