WeShow Brings the Online Videos to Facebook, MySpace and Your PC’s Desktop


WeShow, a human-powered guide to online videos, is attempting to make it easier for you to enjoy a collection of ever-changing online videos tailored your specific interests.

Officially launching today, WeShow onDesktop is a mini-application that sits on your PC’s desktop. You can launch it at any time, without having to open a web browser, and view up to 200 channels. There are also new widgets that are designed for social networking like Facebook, MySpace, Hi5 and Ning. These widgets allow you to easily choose your favorite entertainment categories and broadcast automatically updated videos directly on your profile pages.

Starting today, you also have the ability to select and stream your favorite videos, from video repository websites such like YouTube, Dailymotion and Metacafe directly through WeShow’s widgets and mini-applications. This new feature gives you even greater freedom to customize and share your favorite videos in one simple, convenient place–on a blog, on your desktop, or inside of MySpace, Facebook and other social networks.

WeShow Widgets

You can download WeShow onDesktop for free here. WeShow onDesktop displays the ten most recent videos featured on a selected channel and allows you to play videos on your desktop by clicking on a video thumbnail. You’re only taken to the WeShow portal if you choose to click on the “more videos” link.

In addition to choosing the subject(s) of the videos from any of WeShow’s 200 channels to be showcased on the desktop, you can customize your content by choosing to display your personal list of video favorites from just about anywhere on the internet. To display a specific video feed, you can select from different visual formats–like a vertical or horizontal strip — as well as various colors.

The social networking widgets make it easy to share your favorite and ever-changing video collection with friends, especially if you have a MySpace, Hi5 or Ning account. You can customize the widget with your favorite WeShow channels or videos from just about anywhere on the internet. The widget can also be configured to visually match the look and feel of your page.

Also starting today, if you’re a Facebook user, you have the option of integrating the WeShow widget application in your profile by choosing it from the list of applications available on Facebook. Different from the widget setup on most of the other social networks, on Facebook you have to configure the application with your selected videos and visual options from within your Facebook profile.

With headquarters in New York, NY, WeShow is attempting to create a revolution in video consumption on the internet.

WeShow is a human-powered entertainment guide that provides a simple and personalized view of the top quality videos from around the world. WeShow simplifies the process of finding and viewing your favorite videos by adding a human touch. It is an easy to navigate site that provides a window into the world’s most popular video depositories including: YouTube, MetaCafe, Google Video, MySpace, Facebook, Dailymotion and more.

With a team of web editors categorizing and filtering content, WeShow offers visitors quality, relevance and simplicity across 200 channels of video content customized for a variety of different countries and cultures. WeShow also provides a comprehensive collection of widgets, enabling users to broadcast their video selections. WeShow is backed by funding from The Pilot Group and other investors.

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