Want Online Casinos? Search Uncle Sam Courtesy of Google

US Government search

Search Engine Roundtable recently pointed out that you can now search all of the US Government web sites courtesy of Google. Using Google’s new Uncle Sam search, you can now search the US Government websites. I can see how this would be very useful, especially if you wanted some unbiased government data. But wait!

Last year I talked about how you can search the college sites. Now you can search the US Government websites courtesy of Google.

Being the curious one, I thought that I would take a look to see how polluted the US Government websites really are. So, I searched this new Google Uncle Sam custom search engine for online casino:

All I can say is, “wow”. Even the online casino spammers have managed to infiltrate the US government websites. I am not surprised, though. They have even managed to get home page links on niem.gov (which now appear to have been cleaned up). Take a look at his screen capture:

Let’s see, you can even find plenty of blog spam on the US Government websites courtesy of Google’s new Uncle Sam search, as well:

And oh yeah, what about the classic “log file referrer spam” what was a big hit amongst the spammers back in 2003. Apparently log file referrer spam or web analytics referrer spam still works like a charm:

This obviously is not Google’s fault. But since Google does such a great job of indexing websites we can really see how polluted our government websites really are. Just imagine how secure these websites are? If an online casino viagra Texas holdem spammer can get their links all over home pages of US Government websites, what’s next? Access to sensitive data about you and me? Wait. That’s already happened. What’s next?

What can you find through Google’s new US Government search?

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  1. James says

    that’s pretty nifty, i have never heard of this, when was this launched? haha i have several things that i’m gonna try with this.. :)

  2. New Google Search Feature says

    That’s a very interesting find and I’m going to test out this new uncle sam search later today… thanks for the heads up.

  3. Stephanie says

    I have used this once to find a local government page, but I didn’t notice any ads like that….though I ‘m gonna go back and check some others. Great post!

  4. Monavie says

    That is pretty scary that even government sites are getting hacked. I think it has more to do on that personal site level than on Google’s side. Ahhh spam. You can’t live with it, and you can’t get rid of it!

  5. Gadget blog says

    I wish google would just take a keyword approach like seach tag cloud and get rid of these dumb sub sites.