Visual Sciences Launches New Version of Keyword Bid Management Solution

Visual Sciences

Visual Sciences, formerly known as WebSideStory, has launched “Visual Sciences Bid 2.0”, a keyword bid management solution (a pay per click PPC bid management solution). This new version adds new capabilities and functionality in an attempt to streamline campaign management and increase ROI.

Visual Sciences, Inc. (NASDAQ:VSCN) is a leading provider of real-time analytics applications, This latest version, called Visual Sciences Bid 2.0, adds Yahoo! Search Marketing to the list of supported PPC (pay per click) search engines and has new infrastructure enhancements and features. The new enhancements and features include a new budget and listing management capability, an optimized user interface, and international character support.


Visual Sciences Bid 2.0 includes the following important enhancements:

— Yahoo! Support: Adds the Yahoo! Search Marketing Platform to the already supported Google AdWords(TM), increasing the application value for search enging marketers

— Improved Listing Management: Enables advertising creative to be leveraged across multiple ad groups, resulting in significant productivity gains to the ad management process

— Campaign Level Budget Management: Increases control over budgets by separating search and content network advertising spend

— Automated Bidding: Helps marketers achieve specific online CPA and ROI goals through auto-bidding rules

— Full International Character Support (Unicode): Enables global management of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) activity

— Usability Improvements: Ensures advertising complies with specific search engine guidelines through an optimized user interface that includes wizards, alerts and notifications

These new features of Visual Sciences Bid 2.0 allows search engine marketers to manage advertising costs while being afforded greater opportunities for achieving return on investment (ROI) and cost-per-action (CPA) goals of clients.

Founded in 1996, Visual Sciences, Inc. (formerly known as WebSideStory, Inc.) (NASDAQ:VSCN) is a leading provider of real-time analytics applications. The company’s analytics applications, based on its patent pending on-demand service and software platform, enable fast and detailed analytics on large volumes of streaming and stored data. More than 1,590 enterprises worldwide rely on the answers delivered by these applications to provide them with actionable intelligence to optimize their business operations.

Visual Sciences also provides real-time analytics applications for Web sites, contact centers, retail points-of-sale, messaging systems and the intelligence community. Visual Sciences’ flexible technology platform, Visual Sciences Technology Platform 5(TM), allows the company to rapidly introduce tailored solutions to meet its clients’ needs. Visual Sciences is headquartered in San Diego, Calif., and has East Coast offices in Herndon, Virginia and European headquarters in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

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