Update: Microsoft’s Synsup Labs Domain Names

Last month I first discovered that Microsoft had secretly acquired 47 domain names related to a brand called “Synsup Labs”. Those domain names had previously been pointed to the Bing.com search results for a keyword search for SynsupLabs. Now, about a month later, the total count of domain names related to Synsup Labs that Microsoft owns is an even 50, and each of those domain names have been set to resolve to their own name server.

Here is the list of Synsup Labs domains, and the name servers that have been set up for each one:

Domain New Name Server
synsuplabs01.com synsuplabs01.com
synsuplabs02.com synsuplabs02.com
synsuplabs03.com synsuplabs03.com
synsuplabs04.com synsuplabs04.com
synsuplabs05.com synsuplabs05.com
synsuplabs06.com synsuplabs06.com
synsuplabs07.com synsuplabs07.com
synsuplabs08.com synsuplabs08.com
synsuplabs09.com synsuplabs09.com
synsuplabs10.com synsuplabs10.com
synsuplabs11.com synsuplabs11.com
synsuplabs12.com synsuplabs12.com
synsuplabs13.com synsuplabs13.com
synsuplabs14.com synsuplabs14.com
synsuplabs15.com synsuplabs15.com
synsuplabs16.com synsuplabs16.com
synsuplabs17.com synsuplabs17.com
synsuplabs18.com synsuplabs18.com
synsuplabs19.com synsuplabs19.com
synsuplabs20.com synsuplabs20.com
synsuplabs21.com synsuplabs21.com
synsuplabs22.com synsuplabs22.com
synsuplabs23.com synsuplabs23.com
synsuplabs24.com synsuplabs24.com
synsuplabs25.com synsuplabs25.com
synsuplabs26.com synsuplabs26.com
synsuplabs27.com synsuplabs27.com
synsuplabs28.com synsuplabs28.com
synsuplabs29.com synsuplabs29.com
synsuplabs30.com synsuplabs30.com
synsuplabs31.com synsuplabs31.com
synsuplabs32.com synsuplabs32.com
synsuplabs33.com synsuplabs33.com
synsuplabs34.com synsuplabs34.com
synsuplabs35.com synsuplabs35.com
synsuplabs36.com synsuplabs36.com
synsuplabs37.com synsuplabs37.com
synsuplabs38.com synsuplabs38.com
synsuplabs39.com synsuplabs39.com
synsuplabs40.com synsuplabs40.com
synsuplabs41.com synsuplabs41.com
synsuplabs42.com synsuplabs42.com
synsuplabs43.com synsuplabs43.com
synsuplabs44.com synsuplabs44.com
synsuplabs45.com synsuplabs45.com
synsuplabs46.com synsuplabs46.com
synsuplabs47.com synsuplabs47.com
synsuplabs48.com synsuplabs48.com
synsuplabs49.com synsuplabs49.com
synsuplabs50.com synsuplabs50.com

It takes some effort and investment to register 50 domain names like this, at $8 each that would be $400 in domain names registration costs. As one who watches Microsoft’s domain name activities on a regular basis, I typically have not seen Microsoft purchase this many domain names all at once–at least they have not done so lately except for this group of Synsup Labs domain names.

What is also interesting is that the .net and the .org has not been registered, so if this were some sort of upcoming brand or company name then I might expect the .net and .org to be registered, as well.

I can only speculate as to what Microsoft’s plans are for these domain names–and why they would set up a name server for each unique domain name. Perhaps they’re using this internally for something, I am just not sure. What’s also interesting to note is that these domains don’t appear to be resolving anywhere. Previously these Synsup Labs domain names were resolving to Bing.com search results.

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