Unilyzer Social Media Dashboard Review

Anyone working with online marketing will tell you that its important to track your data. You need to know which videos are pulling in visitors, and which ones are being ignored. Tracking the stickiness of blog posts is important as well. Even though tracking your results can be confusing at times, the information and revelations that are revealed can be paramount to your online success. You need a social media dashboard. Unilyzer, a social media dashboard, seems to be a great fit for social media and search engine marketers like myself.

There is no point in having amazingly written blog posts that no one is interested in reading, and not interested in sharing with others. But again, while tracking your online marketing is important, it can also be a tedious, and time consuming task. I have spent literally HOURS each week trying to figure out which tweets are making the most impact, and which Facebook posts are being read, and shared throughout the social network. For a long time, I have longed for something that could make tracking the effectiveness of online marketing something that is easy and simple to do. With the Unilyzer Social Media Dashboard, my laborious search for a robust online marketing tracking tool may be over.

If you have many social media accounts that you track on a daily basis, then the Unilyzer Social Media Dashboard is definitely something you need to consider investing in. This online tracking tool allows you to track your results from popular social media networks like Twitter, and Facebook, and puts the results all in one convenient, and easy to use dashboard. When you visit their website at http://www.unilyzer.com you can click on the “Tour The Unilyzer” button to watch a video that clearly explains why the Unilyzer is such a useful tool. One of the things that I really like about the Unilyzer Tool is that it obtains tracking information automatically. This may not seem like a big deal, but I have used several tracking tools where you have to put in the URL of the site that you want to track EVERY TIME. If you have at least 15 social media sites that you wish to examine, then you already know how much time is wasted just putting the page URL into the tracking software or website. With the Unilyzer Tool, you put in your URLs once, and the site takes it from there. Not only does the Unilyzer Tool save you time, it also presents the data in an easy to read, and fun to look at format.

As useful as spreadsheets can be for tracking, they can also be VERY boring to sift through. Columns, and columns of figures can be confusing, and frustrating to deal with. With the Unilyzer Tool, the data is presented in colorful charts, and graphs where you can figure out what’s happening with your social media marketing campaigns at a quick glance. The Unilyzer Tool also utilizes trending arrows, similar to the ones that show the movement of stocks on the New York Stock Exchange. Plus, it is easy to tell whether or not there has been movement in the amount of people that visit your site, view your video, or if anyone is sharing links to your page. You can also compare different social media sites side by side to see if marketing efforts on one site, are doing better or worse than another. This is great news for those who have wondered if putting a video on one site would do better than putting it on another. The Unilyzer display will show you if your Facebook fans are sticking around your site, or if your tweets on Twitter are being retweeted. Definitely helpful information when you’re tracking the effectiveness of your online marketing efforts. Along with all the charts, and graphs, you can also check out your Uniscore – one score that measures the effectiveness of all your social media marketing campaigns put together.

If you’ve ever had your website examined by an online website grader, then you are familiar with getting a score for your website. Along those same lines, your UniScore is one unique number that gives you a measure of all your social media marketing accounts. The UniScore takes into account the size of your online networks, the quality of visitors to your site, and the click through rate your site is experiencing.

Keeping track of your online marketing campaigns is very important in order to get the most out of your marketing efforts, and maximize your ROI. There are few sites that even come close to doing what the Unilyzer Tool does. In short, for those who are serious about tracking the efforts of their online marketing, and social media campaigns, the Unilyzer Social Media Dashboard is definitely something worth looking into.

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