Study: Hispanic Consumers 21% More Likely to Use Social Media for Customer Service

In a recent study by NM Incite, it was revealed that Hispanic social media users are 21% more likely than the average U.S. social media user to use social media for customer care and customer service. Also as a result of this same study, they found that over 57% of active Hispanic social media users have asked a question or voiced a complaint/issue to a brand or company using social media (e.g. Twitter or Facebook), compared to 47% of the general population.

Hispanic Socal Media Users

Of those Hispanic social media users who use social media for customer service, the study found that they more frequently engage with brands for service-related issues compared to the general social media population. Nineteen percent (19%) reach out on a daily basis, 30% seek customer care weekly, 16% a few times a month, and the remaining 35% once a month or less.

Moreover, Hispanic consumers are nearly 25% more likely than the general social media population to prefer using social care compared to traditional channels such as a call center. Thirty-five percent (35%) of Hispanic social media users assert that they would rather Tweet at a company or post on a brand’s Facebook wall, compared to picking up the phone.

Hispanic consumers are most likely to comment on or ask a question about a company’s product or service on Facebook, followed by Twitter and YouTube.

NM Incite is a leading social media consumer insights provider and joint venture between Nielsen and McKinsey.

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