Should Your Company Blog Be Done at Home or Outsourced?

By Dave Thomas

While some businesses pay extra special attention to their blog(s), others seem to have little to no interest in maintaining it on a regular basis.

Whether just starting a business or you have been around for some time, one of the questions you should review is are you best served doing a company blog in-house or outsourcing it?

Some companies prefer keeping the blog in-house so they can attend to it on a regular basis without having to work through outside channels. Others, however, see outsourcing the blog as a way to have a professional agency or individual that specializes in such things handling it, meaning it is one less responsibility on the company’s plate.

If you think it is time to review how you are best served with your blog, take a few things into consideration:
— Those in your company are your top assets since they should know the ins and outs of the business. Many times the blog will be handled within the marketing department, so that is where your efforts should be focused if you want to maintain the blog in-house. If you are looking to task that department with other responsibilities, then consider having the head of the company write it so it gives it more authority. Lastly, you can look to go outside the business for assistance;
— Going outside the company with the blog means that you could have a little less control over it. It also means that you either have faith in the people writing and posting it or you end up having someone in-house review each posting before it goes live. By doing the latter, you’re probably best off keeping it in-house;
— Should you choose to go outside with the blog, make sure the voice and message sound as if they’re coming from your company and not a PR firm, as having a blog that doesn’t have the tone of your business can backfire on you. While a blog can be tiresome to keep up, maintaining it in-house always seems to me to be the better option, simply due to the fact your employees know their company better than outsiders do;
— What is the message you could be sending to your clients by outsourcing the blog? Some clients may take it as you don’t have enough time for the blog, so maybe you don’t have enough time for them too. It is important to think ahead how what you do as a company will be perceived by the public, that includes blogging.

Another important issue to be consistent on is how often the company blog will run.

One of the major search engine gaffes that can befall blogs is those sites which have stale content. If the date says March 2012 and you go to a company blog that was last updated in October of 2011, you would likely pause and wonder what they have been up to.

In order to put together a consistent reader base, you need to have fresh and relevant content on the site. While every day is a stretch, content should be updated at least a couple of times during the week.

Lastly, make sure whether in-house or outsourced that the blog is keyword rich, meaning search engines will pick up on pertinent keywords and deliver traffic back to your site.

Company blogs come in all shapes and sizes.

Determine how your blog can best serve your current and potential clients, make sure it is updated on a regular basis, and track the metrics to see what kind of traffic it is getting.

You might be surprised how much of a positive impact that little old company blog can have on your business.

Dave Thomas writes extensively for, an online resource destination for businesses of all sizes to research, find, and compare the products and services they need to run their businesses.

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  1. Maria Elena says

    Blogging keeps customers in touch with a firm and specific issues may be addressed providing clarifications to these customers who are yet to become loyal clients. While outsourcing blogs can perhaps bring about savings to the company, indeed, there might not be enough control. However, a company can set out the standards and direct outsourced bloggers by providing an outline.

  2. Ryan Wesley Smith says

    I personally blog for my company, but I’ve thought about outsourcing from time to time.