ShipGooder Shipping Search Engine Proves that Milliseconds Matter

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When it comes to web search applications, milliseconds matter. The faster you get your search result the happier you are. ShipGooder is introducing new courier search technology that is revolutionizing the way that packages are shipped. is a search engine that allows you to search FedEx, UPS, DHL, and the USPS (the U.S. Postal Service), as well as local couriers for the best shipping rates. The service is free and does not require you to create an account or register any personal information.

As you can see from the screen capture below, the web designers of chose specifically not to clutter it with advertising.

ShipGooder home page was developed because the courier search market has always been limited by sites that have typically been very slow to respond. Therefore, they came up with a way to provide search results in as little as 15 milliseconds. To give you an idea of how much faster this is, you can compare this with most other shipping rate sites that take up to a minute or more to respond with a shipping rate.

As an example, I performed a search for sending holiday gifts to my parents. I am in Dallas, Texas (zip code 75248) and I need to send a 10 pound package to Darien, Connecticut (area code 06820):

ShipGooder search

The rates took 0.36 seconds to get, which I would say is pretty darn fast. Since there is plenty of time before the holidays to get the package to its destination. Here are the costs if I choose the Ground option, which is 1-6 days:

$ 7.54 FedEx Home Delivery
$ 7.54 FedEx Ground
$ 7.54 DHL Ground
$ 11.00 UPS Ground
$ 12.84 USPS Parcel Post

Three months after was launched, their Rapid Rate Search (RRS) technology has put them at the top of the list when it comes to speed and ease of use of their site.’s Rapid Rate Search (RRS) technology combines an AJAX-based front-end with search servers that give you search results that are almost virtually instantaneous.

ShipGooder, Inc. is located in Toronto, Canada and was founded in October 2006 after many years of preparation and planning to develop a multi-carrier rate engine that allows users to quickly compare services from national, regional and local couriers in the U.S. and Canada. provides an easy, fast rate engine to obtain the best shipping rates.

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  1. perros says

    That is a pretty smart idea… I would like to get competing rates on my products, but it seems like all the sites I buy from online are exclusive to one carrier.

  2. Matt says

    This is an incredible idea, and one that I’m going to definitely utilize in the future. Time to see whose the fastest and the cost…pretty well-timed too for the holidays like you stated