Launches UK’s First Website That Searches Both Google and Yahoo

SearchBoth is a new site that allows you to search both the Google and Yahoo search engine at the same time. They do it by putting both sites on a split screen so you can see both search results side by side.

As an example, I did a search for “london hotels” and got the following search results:

London Hotels

I personally find it interesting that not only do the search results differ from one search engine to another, the PPC sponsored links differ, as well.

The split-screen search results aren’t just limited to Google and Yahoo!, you can choose from a variety of search engines, including Google, Yahoo!,,, metacrawler, Altavista, and WebSearch. Furthermore, it’s not limited to the organic (web) search results, you can also choose from Web, Image, Videos, News, Shopping, Directory, Answers, and Blogs. owns, and claims to be that is the UK’s first website that enables users to search both and side by side on one split screen.

No longer do you have to choose between Google and Yahoo!. You don’t have to be tied to one or the other. Check it out for yourself and let me know that you think. If you’re outside of the UK (like I am), you might want to try one of their other versions, like There are several international versions, which includes the following: is owned by, an “internet incubation company” who own sites such as that searches the top 12 travel sites with one click and, a suite of services such as YellowPages and Dictionary over AOL and MSN instant messenger using the screen names “FreeYellowPages” and “MyDictionary”.

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  1. Deb Harrison says

    This is the first I’ve heard about and I have bookmarked it for future use.

    This should prove handy as a quick check to see how various sites are faring in the top 2 search engines.

    Nice one Bill. 😉

  2. database consulting says

    The more combined search engine will come the more we will be benifited. this is really good news for us all.