Social Search Platform Launched

This blog post has recently been updated.

PeopleBrowsr, the Social Search engine and analytics company, has launched, a product for online marketers, brand managers and social media experts to get real-time analytics and conversations from the social web. provides demographic data, sentiment analysis, real-time and historic mentions and viral analytics for any keyword. identifies people who are talking about a particular interest, and then instantly drills down to uncover rich data about that Interest Graph, including location, sentiment, gender as well as related word clouds, hashtags, links, @names, etc.

From their press release today, here is some more info about fires off 40 simultaneous searches for any topic and gives brand managers the ability to target specific demographic segments (i.e. women in the San Francisco area) with unprecedented granularity and ease.

Degrees of Separation
Similar to the way LinkedIn shows how people are connected through their professional network, shows how Twitter users are connected. This information is critical for brands who rely on the trust of their network when making connections.

Real-time trending and sentiment charts provides up-to-the-second charts depicting mentions count, sentiment for any keyword and how a keyword relates to a tweet going back 30 days.

Viral Analytics Integration

Any keyword search in can be instantly translated into a comprehensive analytics platform on the fly. Brand managers can visualize how popular messages moved through the network and identify influencers for their brand and market in real-time.

With communities growing around ideas or interests, rather than through social connections, engagement is emphasized on finding and generating content and putting it in context. As PeopleBrowsr’s Brian Solis, explains, “Brands understand they need to engage customers often while cultivating communities, and they are constantly looking for ways to efficiently participate in relevant conversations.”

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  1. Kim @ Facebook Fan Pages says

    Aside from Twitter, I hope they’ll integrate Facebook so we can see how the trends go on each platform and how viral our marketing strategies are.