NetAlter: an Alternative to the World Wide Web?

NetAlter  Red Herring Winner

NetAlter Software Ltd., a company based in India, is developing a P2P-based system as a “secure and trusted alternative to the World Wide Web”. Once developed, this new system will be called “NetAlter” and will offer a more secure, trusted, spam and virus-free software and network for businesses and end users.

NetAlter is also working on a web browser called the “NetAlter Service Browser” that will be free for everyone to use. The “NetAlter Service Browser” will allow you to connect, communicate, and share stuff with other users directly from your PC via a true P2P network. There won’t be any domain names.

Once this new system is in place, you won’t have to worry about your personal or financial information being stolen or abused. The NetAlter web browser won’t allow unauthorized scripts or programs to run and it will also protect intellectual property, which is owned by the creators of the content and applications.

NetAlter’s new system, when complete, will have features for communication such as email, file sharing, information sharing, and messaging. You will also be able to create personal and business networks using it’s secure P2P technology.

The NetAlter system also has an integrated intelligent clustered semantic search engine that is e-commerce enabled. You will be able to search and find precise information and resources within the NetAlter browser and then store the search results and associated content to your PC. You can then access that content offline, if necessary.

NetAlter Grid

The NetAlter system has a Democratic Grid concept where end users in the network share the idle resources of their PC with a global Grid pool and then use the same grid to run grid enabled applications on a quid pro quo basis.

When you want to make use of NetAlter GRID system for supercomputing and you want to process their application on 10 computers on the GRID, you can make use of the 10 hours credited to your account to avail of 1 hour of NetAlter GRID supercomputing resources equivalent to the power of 10 computers. If the you want the application to be distributed over 20 computers, the NetAlter GRID will provide equivalent supercomputing resources of 30 minutes.

NetAlter Software Ltd. is a winner of the “Red Herring Asia 100″ award in Hong Kong. NetAlter is a patented system that offers a domain-less alternative to web and internet based solutions.

NetAlet’s website is at

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  1. Gurudatt says

    The word “Internet” means a lot of things. In case of NeAlter, “Alternative to Internet” means the most common use of the word. Be it surfing, email or file sharing. In fact NetAlter offers much more than that. So you could switch from using the solutions available on the present Internet such as Web based search and surfing, Web Email, current P2P file sharing applications to an integrated solution called NetAlter.

  2. Jeremy Bash says

    yeah, it means the web, no the internet as a whole. as in webpages.
    but i agree aobut the “joke” part…