Marketing Foo for Thursday April 10th 2008

Today, I thought that I would talk about a few interesting things that I have been either involved in, or just things that I’ve been interested in. These are not in any special order, but perhaps you will find them useful bits for today, a Thursday, where there’s not a lot of other news going on in the marketing world.

IAC has launched their Rushmore Drive search engine. I talked about it and found that there some interesting search results if you search for phrases like, “search engine optimization” or “search engine marketing”.

Rushmore Drive

Google AdWords has recently made a change to their Google AdWords policy starting April 1st, 2008. They say that your display ad URL must match the landing page URL “without exception”. Turns out that now it’s a week later and they say that they don’t enforce this policy? Here are two posts about the issue.

Google AdWords Display URL

Here I talked about why you should promote your RSS feeds of your social media profiles.

My friend Jeff Quipp has a great blog post about friend promotion in social media. If you don’t help out others that are your friends in your social networks, they just won’t help you out.

Friend promotion

By the way, while I am thinking about that very same issue. When was the last time you looked to see how many friends you have in your favorite social networks? If you are wondering how people get so many friends, then you probably have not heard one of the basic rules of social media friendship: go out and friend someone else first. Once they see that you have added them as a friend, there’s a good chance–a very good chance–that they will add you as a friend. Every day I spend a few minutes building up and working on my friends on my favorite social networks. No, it’s not easy; but if you work on it a little bit every day then 6 months from now you will have built up one heck of a social network.

By the way, here’s one more interesting note related to SEO. If you’re into SEO like I am, or at least search engine optimization, this is very very tempting. If you didn’t know it, 736 spells SEO on a cell phone.

SEO 736 auction

Is that the next best thing to owning Perhaps. Auction ends in a few days.

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  1. Jason K says

    Google must have found that it would hurt sales to do this. Maybe thats why the policy changed from hat they said they would enforce.

  2. Altadena CA Realty says

    I am glad that Google is finally going to do this. It should make the ads more relevant and give me more incentive to actually click on the adwords ads.