Lycos Integrates blinkx Video Search on Lycos MIX Platform

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Lycos is teaming up with the video search engine blinkx to fully integrate the blinkx functionality on the Lycox MIX Platform. On, you’ll now be able to create video playlists, as well as search for and view video results powered by blinkx within MIX–without ever having to leave the site.

Lycos MIX was developed internally by the Lycos Labs product team and made its debut in early 2007 as a tool for Lycos users to create an “amalgamation” of video content to share with other Lycos users. Lycos MIX visitors can participate in the Lycos MIX by viewing, commenting on, and adding more video clips to Lycos MIX. Since its Launch in February 2007, thousands of video playlists, ranging from rap videos to Japanese cartoons, have been created on Lycos MIX.

In early June 2007, Lycos launched the Lycos MIX widget, which allows Tripod ( and Angelfire ( members to embed MIXes onto Tripod and Angelfire blogs and sites. Similar to other video sites, the ratio of active MIX creators versus passive MIX viewers is heavily skewed towards the viewers, with 99% of visitors coming to the site to watch MIX videos, and 1% of users actively making MIXes.

Lycos introduced its proprietary “Watch & Chat” technology in November of 2006, with the launch of Lycos Cinema (, a video-based socialization product that allows multiple users to watch simultaneously and chat about video content in real-time. Since then, Lycos MIX ( has taken “Watch & Chat” to another level, allowing groups of people to pull video clips from different sources across the internet to create playlists of video content.

Lycos teamed with blinkx in August of 2006 to power video search across the Lycos Network.

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