Google Underlining Typos in Search Query Field

Google is always testing part of their interface, and I believe that this new test will most likely be one that sticks around. Google has started underlining typos in the search query field. So, when you start typing a keyword, if what you are typing is an obvious typo, then Google will underline it in red, giving you a chance to correct it.

Here are a few screen captures of what this looks like:

In this case, they keyword searched is the beginning of the word “hello” with several letter “L”s in the search field.

What is interesting is that as of the writing of this blog post, you can see this in Canada only. I tried using and can see it just fine. But so far I am not seeing this functionality in Maybe it’s because Canadians have more trouble typing? (I’m joking!)

A hat tip goes out to JS Lascary for this tip.

Update:Barry pointed out to me that this was tested back in October but it now appears that it’s being rolled out to more people now.

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  1. Matt Spitsbergen says

    I love this feature. I often find myself actually googling a word that I’m not sure how to spell. Now they are being proactive. Two thumbs up for Google on this one!