Google to Encourage Americans to Get Online

As you may or may not know, I usually monitor the domain name purchases of some of the major online retailers and web properties. Certain domain name purchases catch my eye, and I try to post about it when something noteworthy is in the works. Usually, when someone has plans for something, they will purchase the domain name related to the new product or service–and companies planning big campaigns or products and services are no different.

Google logo

In an interesting move, Google has purchased a bunch of domain names related to encouraging people to get online. This large purchase of 45 domain names today includes names such as,, and The list of domain names purchased today by Google indicate to me that they’re planning some sort of nationwide campaign to encourage Americans to “get online”. But, of course, this is all just speculation on my part.

The list of domains that include “get online” tends to be centered around the individual States. But in some cases, Google has combined certain markets, such as the “Carolinas” and “Dakotas”. Noticeably absent are certain States such as Texas.

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  1. The One says was already registered privately in February and was registered two years ago.

  2. Gene Waxman says

    Hi Bill,

    Great blog… really interesting stuff. is actually registered and in use – which is why it was absent from this list and my guess would be it’s the same with the others…

    Also – wondering if this is a precursor to Google attempting to put free ‘WIMAX’ in all of the states like they have in their current trial areas.

    Keep up the great writing,

    Gene Waxman