Coremetrics Adds Web Analytics to IBM WebSphere Commerce Web 2.0 Store

Coremetrics, a provider of on-demand web analytics, is teaming up with IBM to combine Web 2.0 and multi-channel web analytics. The new WebSphere Commerce Web 2.0 Store solution is an ecommerce platform based on Web 2.0 technology.

With this new solution, not only is there a streamlined user experience, the collaboration between Coremetrics and IBM provides embedded analysis and measurement capabilities, with in-depth, customizable tagging for reporting purposes. Retailers can now track the effectiveness of the Web 2.0 Store, helping them understand such items as AJAX pop-ups.

In an online retail environment, the technology in the IBM Web 2.0 Store enables online customers to add a purchase to their cart, continue to browse the site and view other product recommendations via AJAX pop-ups, without losing their place in the checkout process. This interim browsing activity can now be measured by joint Coremetrics/IBM WebSphere Commerce customers, as part of the overall campaign analysis.

WebSphere Web 2.0 recent enhancements:

Customer empowerment
– WebSphere Commerce Web 2.0 store solution
– Enhanced search and navigation
– WebSphere Commerce integration with sitemaps
– Enhanced search and navigation by integrating to IBM WebSphere Content Discovery Server

Enhanced Webanalytics
– Coremetrics for IBM WebSphere Commerce auto tagging utility
– Coremetrics Tag Library support for WebSphere Commerce versions, 5.6 and 5.6.1
– Coremetrics reports for WebSphere Commerce

Web content management
– WebSphere Commerce and content management system integration
– IBM Workplace Web Content Management on WebSphere Portal 6.0 for WebSphere Commerce v6.0

Foundational leadership
– Front-office integration
– WebSphere Commerce Services for catalog, order, member and contract
– WebSphere Commerce Portal integration

– Back-office integration
– Web services support for back-office integration
– WebSphere Commerce and SAP system integration
– WebSphere Commerce and Sterling Customer Order Management PCA (Sterling COM PCA)integration

– Paymentech Plug-in for WebSphere Commerce

Coremetrics and IBM have also recently announced a ‘plug and play’ solution for multichannel web analytics, based on Coremetrics’ existing deep integration with the IBM WebSphere Commerce platform. This new solution adds a set of reports, analytics, and adapters that provide a streamlined, measurement platform for the performance of sales, products, promotions and B2B contracts across the internet and the call center.

Coremetrics is a leading provider of on-demand web analytics and precision marketing solutions.

Coremetrics offers the industry’s only web analytics platform that captures and stores all customer and visitor clickstream activity to build LIVE (Lifetime Individual Visitor Experience) Profiles. Representing the single most accurate and comprehensive source of online customer data, LIVE Profiles serve as the foundation for all successful digital marketing initiatives. Coremetrics services more than 1000 brands and has delivered over $300 million in documented ROI in the past two years.

Coremetrics is the integrated web analytics solution for IBM WebSphere Commerce, delivering a best-of-breed multichannel business analytics solution. To learn more about Coremetrics, visit or call 877-721-CORE.

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