Google Updates Knowledge Graph Data

Google just updated or “refreshed” the knowledge graph data within the past 24 hours. I have knowledge graph data showing up for a search for my name, Bill Hartzer, and I’ve been constantly watching the data, as it was previously incorrect: and it appears that they just updated the information within the past few hours.

Here is what the previous knowledge graph data/sidebar in the Google search results looked like for my name:

Bill Hartzer previous Knowledge Graph [Read more…]

Inbox by Gmail Doesn’t Work with Google Apps

The new Inbox by Gmail, launched just recently, does not work with email accounts set up through Google Apps. My company, for example, uses our Gmail accounts for our email. And, I use Gmail even on my phone for email. So, I was kind of excited to try the new Inbox by Gmail. But, when I got the invite from Google, I downloaded the app, and got the following after installing it:

Inbox by Gmail
Your organization isn’t set up for Inbox yet.

Don’t worry, it’s not your fault or your organization’s fault. Inbox by Gmail won’t work with Google Apps.
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Google’s New Inbox By Gmail Can’t Handle Its Inbox

Wow, this is something that I found rather funny… Google just announced Inbox by Gmail, a new type of service that handles all of your appointments, calendar, and emails (and some other stuff) in one place. OK, so that’s really cool. If it works. I’d like to be one of the first to try it. [Read more…]

Google Showing Freebase Results in Knowledge Graph for My Name

Bill Hartzer

Starting yesterday, Google started showing Knowledge Graph results from Freebase in the search results for my name, Bill Hartzer. What’s interesting to note is that this is the first time that I’ve seen a direct example of Google using Freebase data. We’ve known for quite some time that Google owns Freebase, but for the first time I have proof that Google’s pulling data from Freebase. [Read more…]

HTTP to HTTPS Update: One Month After Moving

There’s been a lot of chatter lately about whether or not sites should move their sites from HTTP to HTTPs. In fact, there apparently was a study done that said that apparently proved that you should not move from HTTP to HTTPS because there’s no benefit. Well, all I can do is continue to report my specific results for this site, on, and show you my data. [Read more…]

Google Webmaster Tools Reports More than 100,000 Links

Over the weekend, Jim Hedger noticed that there were huge fluctuations in the numbers of links that were being reported in Google Webmaster Tools. He’s reportedly seen as much as 500,000 links reported, and then at a later time it was less than 1,000 links. Based on my own site’s link data, I’m now seeing over 200,000 links being reported.

From my past experiences, I’ve come to find out that Google Webmaster Tools, in the past, would not show more then 100,000 links, even for websites that I’ve worked on that have over 8 million links. So, doing a link cleanup project on a site with 8 million links: Google Webmaster Tools was pretty much useless. [Read more…]

Why You Should Move from HTTP to HTTPS


I rarely disagree with advice given by authors of articles that appear on Search Engine Land, but in this case, I wholeheartedly, and undeniably, disagree with some recent advice about HTTP and HTTPs sites. In a recent article, Daniel Cristo recommended that “if you’re running a blog, brochure site, news site, or any sort of information site where users don’t provide you with any personal information, I would recommend not using HTTPS.” He provides several reasons, which are completely false and unjustified, and generally gives advice that I disagree with. [Read more…]

Google Search Query Impressions Going Down Drastically?

In Google Webmaster Tools, there is a useful report called the Search Queries report. This report shows your website’s impressions in Google organic search, the clicks to your website, and the average position (of your ranking). Typically, I review this repor from time to time, but I don’t necessarily look at it as often as I look at Google Analytics. What should you do if your impressions and clicks go down drastically? Perhaps like this:

google impressions going down [Read more…]

Google Analytics: Is Google Plus a Referral or a Social Media Site?

While reviewing Google Analytics for a few websites today, it appears that Google Analytics has a problem with deciding whether or not Google Plus is a website–or if it is a social media website. In Google Analytics, some of the traffic to your site will be reported as a referral, while other traffic, seemingly a random number, will be reported as social traffic.

Let’s take a look at a random site that I have Google Analytics access to, and look at referrals from Google Plus. In this case, I filtered the “All Traffic” down to only [Read more…]