Is .Com Better than a New gTLD Domain Name?

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As you may be aware, if you read my blog regularly, you probably know by now that I’ve been a fan of the new gTLD domain names, especially keyword rich ones, since they were first introduced. It seems as though you either really love the new gTLD domain names and see the opportunities they provide, or you don’t like them. I’ve run across quite a few people who just don’t like the new gTLD domain names. Some say that their value is limited, and others have event told me that they will fail. [Read more…]

Google AdWords Bug Costs Company $1000s

A Google AdWords bug has cost a company thousands of dollars. Even after Google fixed the situation for the company, Google has not offered the company a refund or even a credit on their account. realized that Google was running their ads in Austin, Texas with someone else’s phone number–even though the company is located in Virginia and restricted their ads to their local area.

In a blog post on the company’s website, Lawnstarter explained what happened: [Read more…]

PPC Specialist Job Opening: Dallas Texas

Here at Standing Dog, an interactive marketing agency based in the Dallas, Texas area, we have a job opening for a PPC (Pay Per Click) specialist. Ideally we’re looking for someone who is Google AdWords certified.

Here is the official job description for the opening we have. If you’re interested, get in touch with me or you can find the job opening listed on LinkedIn and apply that way.

Job Description

Standing Dog specializes in the hospitality, real estate and entertainment industries and is seeking a PPC Specialist to assist with the day-to-day management and support of the e-marketing initiatives for our clients. Standing Dog Interactive is a full-service Internet marketing agency that provides our clients with a range of services such as website design, development, SEO, SEM, and other online media.


— Design, develop, and manage PPC campaigns; including account structure, keyword research, bid strategies and management, ad copy writing and other core PPC capabilities.
— Provide analysis of existing PPC campaign performances and devise actionable optimization insight for recommendations and strategies to align with our client objectives.
— Partner with account managers to define successful KPIs, and produce and deliver successful campaign performance reports.
— Prioritize between dozens of opportunities to choose the most important tasks.
— Remain current with industry trends, while continually leveraging new tools and industry best practices to boost efficiency of campaigns.

Desired Skills & Experience

— 1-2 years of Paid Search experience, including;
— Experience working with analytical software (i.e. Google Analytics, WebTrends, Omniture)
— Experience using offline PPC management tools (i.e. Google AdWords Editor, Microsoft Bing Ads Editor, Yahoo! Search Marketing Desktop)
— Knowledge of third party bid management tools (i.e. DoubleClick – DART, DFA)
— Google AdWords and Google Analytics Certified; preferred
— Bachelor’s degree required; preferably in a related field
— Strong proficiency with Microsoft Excel (i.e. formulas, if statements, pivot tables, formatting)
— Strong interpersonal, verbal and written communication skills
— Creative, analytical and takes initiative, along with a strong attention to detail
— Ability to work self-directed, under pressure, meet agency deadlines, manage multiple projects simultaneously, and review and analyze data

Standing Dog is an Internet marketing agency comprised of recognized industry professionals. We are successful at helping companies reach their target customers, generate leads and drive revenue online. Our team of experts offers digital strategy and execution, from search engine optimization, pay per click marketing, local search marketing to social media marketing and management.


We offer our employees competitive compensation, based on previous experience and a comprehensive benefits package including medical, dental, vision, and 401K plan with employer contributions, as well as a positive and team-based working environment.

Standing Dog Interactive has made the Inc 5000, Fastest Growing Private Companies list, three years in a row.

5 Musts for Lowering CPA and Raising Conversion Rates on the Google Display Network

Before you get started on the Google Display Network (GDN), or even if you’re already engaged in display campaigns there, it’s important to understand the five aspects of this channel that most greatly affect the outcomes of those campaigns, and to manage these aspects with precision and daily awareness.

1. Test Keyword Lists
It’s not enough to just test one keyword against another; marketers on display networks should be making lists of keywords to test against the others. These lists will consist of the keywords you are using to go after certain topics and groups of people, and when you test them against each other you’ll garner information on how well those audiences perform and meet your needs.

Keyword lists should contain at least 20 keywords, and should be run for a minimum of two days. This gives you time to gather some click data, which can be analyzed to determine the most effective formula. When you’ve found a winner, keep making groups and testing them. It’s something that needs to be done on an ongoing basis.

2. Manage Ad Placements
What we have found is that, every now and then, a certain domain or URL will come up as surprisingly profitable. The bulk of the time, however, those pages that relate most closely to the subject you’re advertising will have the greatest success.

Because ad networks, like GDN, are not perfect, it takes a lot of time to manage the placement of your ads, and to make sure that you’re not getting a whole lot of useless impressions or clicks.

Watch carefully for those pages that seem to be getting a lot of attention without performing, and be sure to eliminate them. Those that perform well can be added to your Managed Placements, whether at the domain or page level. Dedicating more resources to high-performing pages seems an obvious strategy, but it’s important to be watching out for the good and the bad in this area.

3. Configure Bid Prices
With good keyword lists and high-quality placements, you’ll be increasing your Quality Score, which will allow you to make better decisions when it comes time to managing your bids. With daily attention to finding the sweet spot for your bid prices, you’ll be able to lower your CPA sooner than you might think.

4. Ad Testing
With display advertising, good creative is key to engaging your audience. You should always be looking for the ads that attract the most clicks and are demonstrating good conversion rates on your landing pages. This is best done by running at least two per AdGroup, giving you the opportunity to test one against the other. It’s a never-ending process that needs to be managed on a daily basis, with low-performing ads eliminated from the equation before they start taking up too much of your resources.

5. Pay Attention to Daily Budgets
Your campaigns each have a daily budget, which is a part of the overall Account budget. Those campaigns that require budget, but don’t achieve conversions should be watched closely, and eliminated when they start keeping the high-performing campaigns from improving. With more resources dedicated to higher-converting budgets, you open yourself up to more working capital, and you have a chance to go after even more conversions at the same overall ad spend.

These are aspects of display advertising that need to be paid close attention to, and all of them on a daily basis. While tools that manage all of these things for you are available and can have a great effect on your advertising campaigns, it can be done by closely monitoring both the success and failure of these important aspects of display marketing.

Keep a close eye on the results, and you’ll lower CPA while yielding higher conversions.

Logic361 Launches Automated Bid and Ad Recommendations Software for Google Adwords and Yahoo Search Marketing


There is a new automated programmatic Search Engine Marketing analysis software out there that attempts to identify Google Adwords and Yahoo Search Advertising revenue and cost savings opportunities. At a time where everyone seems to be cutting costs wherever possible because of the economy, this is a much-needed tool for search engine pay per click advertisers.


Logic361, a leading pay-per-click search advertising analysis software company, has launched SEM Opportunity Dashboard, a major new feature of its free, hosted search engine advertising analysis software application for Google Adwords and Yahoo Search advertisers.

Logic361’s SEM Opportunity Dashboard is capable of instructing a search engine advertiser to; “increase bids on these keywords and pause those keywords… re-write these ads and pause these other ads… by following these recommendations you can expect to increase conversions by “X” dollars and decrease costs by “Y” dollars.”


The SEM Opportunity Dashboard has the unique ability to expose tens of thousands of dollars of hidden opportunities to increase revenue and decrease costs for pay per click (PPC) search engine advertisers.

Automated Financial Reporting
Know the dollar amount or percentage of the advertising spend that actually generates results. Ad spend that generates value typically ranges from 65% to 90% of total ad spend. Logic361 recommends calculating the value of conversion metrics (cost-per-conversion, spend-to-value or ROI) separately and compare them to the cost of advertising that produces no value (investment keywords.) This type of analysis provides the ability to fine tune KPIs and measure goals. Many advertisers take this analysis one step further and analyze trade name keywords separately.

Logic361’s newest functionality combines years of collective best practices expertise from companies that include GM, Home Depot, ING Direct, Real Networks, Neiman Marcus and with advanced PhD level programmatic data analysis techniques.

The SEM Opportunity Dashboard is available right now and is included in SEM Profit Analyzer, a free hosted software account. To sign up for a free account and test it out, you can go here.

Logic361 was recently recognized by Forrester Research and was included in The Forrester Wave TM report. The Company’s customers range from start-ups to Fortune Top 10 companies and include both B2C and B2B direct marketers. Logic361’s software monitors and analyzes over 3,500 search engine advertising accounts per day and over $100 million in annual search engine advertising. Logic361’s hosted, on-demand search advertising analysis and management software eliminates the need for search advertisers of all sizes to make investments in technology or IT personnel.

Google Adwords is a registered trademark of Google, Inc. Yahoo Search is registered trademark of Yahoo, Inc. Logic361 is not affiliated with Google or Yahoo.

Visual Sciences Launches New Version of Keyword Bid Management Solution

Visual Sciences

Visual Sciences, formerly known as WebSideStory, has launched “Visual Sciences Bid 2.0″, a keyword bid management solution (a pay per click PPC bid management solution). This new version adds new capabilities and functionality in an attempt to streamline campaign management and increase ROI.

Visual Sciences, Inc. (NASDAQ:VSCN) is a leading provider of real-time analytics applications, This latest version, called Visual Sciences Bid 2.0, adds Yahoo! Search Marketing to the list of supported PPC (pay per click) search engines and has new infrastructure enhancements and features. The new enhancements and features include a new budget and listing management capability, an optimized user interface, and international character support.


Visual Sciences Bid 2.0 includes the following important enhancements:

— Yahoo! Support: Adds the Yahoo! Search Marketing Platform to the already supported Google AdWords(TM), increasing the application value for search enging marketers

— Improved Listing Management: Enables advertising creative to be leveraged across multiple ad groups, resulting in significant productivity gains to the ad management process

— Campaign Level Budget Management: Increases control over budgets by separating search and content network advertising spend

— Automated Bidding: Helps marketers achieve specific online CPA and ROI goals through auto-bidding rules

— Full International Character Support (Unicode): Enables global management of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) activity [Read more…]

Microsoft Office Live Adds Sponsored Listings

microsoft office live

Microsoft and have reached a deal to allow Microsoft Office Live customers to manage their Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns on two of the top five search engines–with one service.

Microsoft is adding the Ask Sponsored Listings to the Microsoft adManager Beta PPC search advertising service. Microsoft’s adManager allows you to purchase and manage pay per click advertising directly from the Microsoft Office Live platform. Ask Sponsored Listings is joining the MSN(R) network and MSN Live Search as official distribution sources for Microsoft Office Live customers’ PPC ads.

Ask Sponsored Listings (ASL) is an automated, open-auction system that allows search markters and businesses to buy, manage, and optimize PPC and contextual advertising campaigns on the ASL publisher network, which includes the search engine.

Microsoft’s adManager helps small businesses manage the pay-per-click advertising process. Once you set up up an account with Microsoft adManager, you can immediately select keywords to create ads and set up bid amounts. Microsoft adManager will work within your budget, as well as target the campaign at the local or national level. In addition, Microsoft AdManager will show results through reports that describe which keywords are driving customers to your Web site.

Microsoft Office Live is a complete, affordable set of easy-to-use Internet-based software and services that helps small businesses attract new customers, keep in touch with existing customers and easily manage their business from virtually any location. By combining the power of software plus services, Microsoft Office Live helps small businesses establish a professional Web presence, stay in touch with their customers, and easily access company information from one complete online location. More information is available at

Ask Sponsored Listings (ASL), introduced in the Fall of 2005, is an automated open-auction system allowing marketers to purchase, manage and optimize campaigns on the ASL publisher network, including More than 48,000 advertisers use the system to bid on more than 25 million keywords. Additional information about ASL is available at

One the world’s largest online advertising solutions and sales groups, IAC Advertising Solutions offers complete solutions for a variety of communication needs and a comprehensive range of advertising products, including search, media, and direct marketing. Search solutions include Ask Sponsored Listings, an automated open-auction system allowing marketers to purchase, manage and optimize campaigns on the ASL publisher network, including

Media solutions include online templated ad units and integrated sponsorships, as well as offline media capabilities on IAC’s network of leading online brands, including Ticketmaster Citysearch, Evite,, iWon, Excite, and Expedia. Direct Marketing solutions include email, lead generation, co-registration, sweepstakes and promotions. IAC Advertising Solutions is a division of IAC Search & Media, a wholly-owned business of IAC (NASDAQ:IACI).

E-Commerce Web Sites Continue to Dominate PPC Advertising

comScore has recently conducted a study on the relationship between paid search marketing (pay per click advertising) and retail e-commerce. The study, based on the March, 2007 comScore qSearch Marketer report, revealed that e-commerce web sites are the most frequent users of Pay Per Click (PPC) search engine marketing; each of the top ten search engine marketers were either retail or comparison shopping web sites.

According to comScore’s data, close to 20 billion sponsored links were served up to internet users in the United States. eBay was apparently the top search engine marketer—they had 802 million sponsored link “exposures” during the period. In March, 2007, the top ten paid search PPC advertisers were either retail or comparison shopping web sites. They made up sixteen percent of all sponsored links. eBay, as previously mentioned, was the top advertiser, followed by with 366 million (1.9 percent), and with 357 million (1.8 percent).

Top Sites Generating Search Engine Sponsored Link Exposures

March 2007

Source: comScore qSearch, Share of Voice Report

                  Sponsored Link          Share of
                  Exposures (000)      Sponsored Link

Total Internet        19,762,951           100.0%                 801,744             4.1%              365,766             1.9%             357,012             1.8%              297,649             1.5%               284,328             1.4%             283,574             1.4%            245,398             1.2%               202,482             1.0%               163,220             0.8%                 123,009             0.6%

comScore also looked at the referral activity by the top search engines in directing click-thrus to retail sites. Google’s web search accounted for 57.3 percent of all click-thrus and directed 53.8 percent of the click-thrus to retail web sites.

In comparison, Yahoo!’s web search directed 27.2 percent of click-thrus to retail web sites, followed by MSN Web Search (10.4 percent), AOL Search (5.8 percent), and (1.6 percent).

SubmitNet Offers Marketing Tools Through ProStores

SubmitNet Inc., a company whose headquarters is in Portland, Oregon, and a company that provides customized technology-based platforms for Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing solutions, is going to offer marketing tools to small and medium-sized businesses through ProStores, which is an eBay company.

Working through the ProStores Developer Network, SubmitNet has put together a marketing solution that allows ProStores’ clients to incorporate multiple Paid Search (Pay Per Click or PPC) solutions and allows you to manage it from one interface.

ProStores merchants are now able to add PPC solutions (paid search solutions) with a few clicks — companies don’t have to struggle through the set-up and management process directly through each individual search engine.

This new add-on stops the process of trying to control advertising budgets and review ROI through multiple interfaces. Once ProStores clients set up their internet store, it’s a matter of only a few clicks to add on PPC advertising.

ProStores, an eBay Company, provides small- and medium-sized businesses with the ability to create professional, full-featured online storefronts that include sophisticated shopping cart and inventory management functionality, as well as provide customized branding and store domain names.

The SubmitNet Solution is available to ProStores members and can be added to an existing membership; for more information please go here.

SubmitNet is a Search Engine Optimization company that specializes in private label, technology driven, innovative web site submission and analysis tools. Avidly serving the small- and medium-sized Web businesses. The company’s business model fortifies the web site builder with powerful, optimization tools that are implemented by a company’s web designer. SubmitNet becomes a support mechanism.

Update: Links in this post have been removed, as they weren’t working at last check. November 16, 2014.

Yahoo! Search Marketing Opens Up Access to APIs

Yahoo! has announced that they’re opening up their Search Marketing APIs. They will have dedicated third-party partner services as well as free, open access to Yahoo!’s “Panama” advertising platform technology. Yahoo! expects that opening their Search Marketing APIs will drive further growth and innovation in digital advertising.

The new program is being called the Yahoo! Search Marketing Commercial API Program. Through the program, Yahoo! wants advertisers, developers and commercial partners including ad agencies and technology providers to build upon Yahoo!’s core search marketing technologies to enhance their existing business offerings or create brand new search marketing tools and applications.

Yahoo! is also providing a wide range of “value-added services” to help commercial partners gain greater insight into Yahoo!’s search marketing product roadmap and fully leverage Yahoo! Search Marketing’s APIs for clients.

The program consists of three levels of commercial partnership, including:

The Basic Level– Designed for small advertising agencies and early stage technology companies. Provides free access to the Panama platform and technical support, and leverages the Yahoo! commercial brand to develop and launch applications in the market.

The Advanced Level– Designed for fast growing technology companies and mid-size advertising agencies. Provides access to the Panama platform, dedicated technical account management support, service level commitments and listing in partner application directory.

The Elite Level Designed for leading technology companies and large advertising agencies. Enables these partners to leverage the Panama platform, resources and brand via regular business review, product council, roadmap coordination and joint marketing activities. Early participants in the Elite tier include Efficient Frontier, Omniture, SearchIgnite and The Search Agency.

Yahoo! Search Marketing’s Commercial API Program is immediately available to agencies, technology providers, search engine marketing firms and developers through the Yahoo! account management team or by going here.