Update from Bill Hartzer: September 7, 2014

This past week, I really have only two updates: an update on moving to HTTPS from HTTP, and some info on viewing links in Google Webmaster Tools.

This week marks 4 weeks after I moved the site from HTTP to HTTPS. There have been a lot of talk in the search community about this being a total waste of time, that it doesn’t increase or help search engine rankings. There is even one search company who did “a study” and claim that it’s basically a waste to move your site from HTTP to HTTPs. Well, I certainly have had quite the opposite experience, to say the least. [Read more…]

HTTP to HTTPS Update: 3 Weeks after Moving

As you might recall, about three weeks ago I moved this site from HTTP to HTTPS after Google officially came out and said that HTTPS is a search engine ranking factor. Well, I’d like to report how it’s going so far, and from what I can tell, based on Google Analytics data, I’m very happy that I moved the site from HTTP to HTTPS.


I moved the site on August 8th and 9th, and there were some initial issues that me and my web host had to deal with. But we got it all fixed by the night of the 9th. After 3 weeks, it looks like the site is doing a lot better than it did previously: [Read more…]

Selling New gTLDs? It Pays to Proofread Your Logos and Images


Well, it certainly pays to have someone proofread the logos that web designers create for your website. It’s especially important if that proofreader is someone who speaks English (if your website is in English). In the case of 101domain.com, apparently one of their logos (images) that was created wasn’t proofread properly:


This logo (as of the writing of this post) still appears on their New TLDs page. On that page, they show the New gTLDs that are currently in Landrush: [Read more…]

This Week in Search, Domain Names, and Social Media

Wow, what a week! There has been a lot going on, and I wanted to catch you up with the latest in search, domains names, and social media. If you haven’t signed up yet for my weekly update newsletter, you might want to do so, as I send it weekly with added tips and tricks from time to time.

Secure Websites and Search Engine Rankings

Probably the biggest news of the week and the biggest news that will effect your website’s search engine rankings, is the fact that Google officially announced that https is a search engine ranking factor. What does this mean? If your website is https (uses a secure certificate) for all its content, then you could see better search engine rankings. Google wants us to have secure sites now, even if you don’t sell stuff online. I just finished moving my website to https for all its content, and will be doing so with other websites. I recommend considering a move to https. Notice that all of my links to my articles are now https URLs and not http like they were in the past? More on my post here: [Read more…]

How to Stop Retargeting by Advertisers

Are you sick and tired of being retargeted? Have you gone to a merchant’s website, maybe a hotel website or even some other ecommerce business and now their ads are following you all over the internet? Even on Facebook? For days on end? Literally, it can be very frustrating, especially if you are already a customer. Retargeting is great for business, but it honestly can be really annoying in some cases. [Read more…]

Google Files for Trademark on the Word Glass

Google has filed a trademark application on the word glass. The Wall Street Journal first reported that a trademark application has been filed.

Rob Garner Wearing Google Glass
Rob Garner wearing Google Glass

In July 2013, Google “originally submitted the application in July 2013 for the word “Glass” styled in a particular font as branding for its Google Glass smart glasses. The USPTO responded in the fall, saying there are two problems with trademarking “Glass.”,” according to arstechnica. Arstechnica goes on to say that the USPTO had responded to their original trademark application saying that there was a problem with it. “The first is that the word is “merely descriptive” and that the product does not actually contain any glass (it’s made of titanium and plastic). Second, the word is too similar to pre-existing trademarks, making confusion “as to the source of the goods” likely, the USPTO said.” [Read more…]

Didit Acquires LVM Group

Didit, a digital advertising and marketing company based in Mineola, New York, has acquired LVM Group, a Manhattan-based public relations firm. Didit has been leading digital marketing agency since 1996, and has been providing full-service online advertising and marketing services for just as long. Didit was co-founded by Kevin Lee, one of the SEMPO founding board member and CEO of Didit. [Read more…]

Important Features of an Effective Lead Generation Software

Lead generation software is one of the crazes of the marketing industry in online-based businesses. Every entrepreneur is on the lookout for the best lead generation tool. However, finding just the right lead gen tool is never a walk in the park, especially when everyone seems to be selling them. You want a lead generation tool that will help you keep up with the trends that affect your business’ operation.

There are several qualities that you need to look out for when shopping for the right lead generation software for your business. Here are some of them. [Read more…]

3000 Year Old Marketing Techniques

Three Thousand Years of Marketing in Three Paragraphs
Marketing is not new. There is evidence to suggest that at least as early as the Phoenician traders – over 3000 years ago – there was activity that we might class as marketing – Phoenician traders drew pictures on stones portraying their goods. We’re a little more advanced in our marketing techniques these days, but we’re still doing the same thing as those Phoenician traders: communicating with potential customers. A key aspect of marketing is very much about communication. Modern day marketers have a wide range of media available to allow them to communicate with customers and potential customers – and it’s important to say that communication is a two way street. And when it comes to communication SMS marketing comes into its own. [Read more…]