New gTLD Domain Name Forum Launched

A New gTLD Domain Name forum has recently launched. The site, called gTLD.Link, is your everything link to the gTLDs. I’ve recently joined the forum, and so far have made several helpful connections through the site.

gtld link forum

As you may know by now if you haven’t been following my blog, I’m a big fan of the new gTLD domain names, and especially the keyword-rich opportunities they provide. For example, I personally think that a domain name like “3Carat.Diamonds” is much “better” than “”. The first one is much shorter, easier to remember, and the keywords are split up by the dot in the name. [Read more…]

GoDaddy Price Confusion Over Premium New gTLD Domains

There appears to be a bug in how GoDaddy is displaying the prices of some New gTLD domain names. At one point, depending on how you search for the domain name, the price will display as one price: but if you search for a .com domain name, then GoDaddy’s site is showing a different price for the same domain name. Here’s an example of this.

godaddy price confusion [Read more…]

Don’t Try to Sell a Celebrity Their Domain Name on Twitter

There are several reasons that I can come up with right off the top of my head why you shouldn’t try to sell a celebrity a domain name on Twitter. Especially if that domain name is their brand or their name. And especially if you’re a cyber squatter, looking to profit by selling the domain name. If you didn’t know, cybersquatting is illegal in the United States. And you could end up having to pay $1,000 to $100,000 per domain name as a penalty. if you’re found guilty of cybersquatting.

Chad McFatridge

Chad McFatridge, who goes by the Twitter handle @McQuakenbake, posted on Twitter that he owns the domain names and He sent a tweet to the famous celebrity @deadmau5: [Read more…]

Is .Com Better than a New gTLD Domain Name?

new gtld market share
New gTLD market share courtesy

As you may be aware, if you read my blog regularly, you probably know by now that I’ve been a fan of the new gTLD domain names, especially keyword rich ones, since they were first introduced. It seems as though you either really love the new gTLD domain names and see the opportunities they provide, or you don’t like them. I’ve run across quite a few people who just don’t like the new gTLD domain names. Some say that their value is limited, and others have event told me that they will fail. [Read more…]

Apple’s Mystery Domain Names Now Say Hello

A while back, I wrote about Apple’s mysterious non-sensical domain names that were hosted on Amazon’s Cloud servers. That post was picked up by Gizmodo. Well, I noticed today, a day before the big Apple event, that may or may not include news about the new Apple iPhone 6, iOS 8, Apple NFC, and the Apple iWatch, those non-sensical domain names are saying this:


Why they’ve been switched from being a simple server default landing page to one that actually includes content (Hello being the content), is kind of interesting. Those sites are still up and running, and I bet they have something to do with Apple’s announcements on September 9th. [Read more…]

Microsoft to Launch Microsoft Sway Content Delivery Network Cloud Service

Microsoft is getting ready to launch a new site or service called Sway. Right now there’s no word from Microsoft officially about what this new product, service, or website will be. But based on the number of domain names that have been purchased recently by Microsoft and their private acquisition of the domain name leads me to believe that Sway is launching soon.

Update: According to a TechCrunch article, and several others, Sway is going to be a Content Delivery Network (CDN) of some type, and I suspect that they are speculating–based on the CDN characters in the domain names that were registered. Venture Beat says it will be a cloud service.

Microsoft Sway

Jamie Zoch, from Dot Weekly reports that Microsoft “used the domain buying service Brand Certified and has acquired the domain name No purchase price has been disclosed but it was likely six figures for the domain. The domain purchase likely took place on or about March 3, 2014 and has been hid behind the Brand Certified name since acquiring the domain name on behalf of Microsoft.” [Read more…]

Domain Name Scam Alert: ICANN Does NOT Provide Domain Name Appraisals

There is a pretty nasty domain name appraisal scam going around that you need to be aware of if you own domain names. The scammer’s only intent is to make money from a domain name appraisal service, which is fake. Furthermore, the scammer, Roland Gordan, and, tries to make it look like the real is offering domain name appraisals. This is a scam, and domain name owners should not fall for this online scheme.


Here’s how this domain name scam works. [Read more…]

Mozilla Media: Answer to Google’s Chromecast Device?

There have been reports that Mozilla, the organization behind the Firefox web browser, is working on a device similar to Google’s Chromecast, a media streaming stick. Brad Linder reported that “Mozilla is working on a small stick that you can plug into a TV to stream internet videos or other content while using the Firefox web browser on your phone or other device as a remote.”

mozilla media

And now we may have the answer to what it may be called. Why? Mozilla Media domain names were just registered by Mozilla. The company just registered: [Read more…]

Microsoft Buys Domains with Hyphens, Skips Domains without Hyphens

Well, by now you probably know about how I feel about domains with hyphens in them. If you don’t, then you may want to read my post about a test that was done regarding domain names with hyphens. That certainly opened up my eyes, and now I prefer domains without hyphens in them. So, when I saw today that Microsoft registered two domain names with hyphens in them (multiple hyphens), and they didn’t purchase the domains without hyphens, I cringed. [Read more…]

2014 Domainer’s Choice Awards – Official Results

Sevan Derderian
Sevan Derderian of Domain Name Sales accepts one of his awards at the Domainer’s Choice Awards this evening at the Dana Point Yacht Club.

For more photos of the event, I’ve uploaded them here on Google Plus.

The first annual Domainer’s Choice Awards were presented this evening, June 28, 2014, at the Dana Point Yacht Club, in Dana Point, California. There were three nominees in each category. The official winners were:
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