Merry Christmas! A Final 2014 Weekly Update from Bill Hartzer

Google’s CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA won’t stop spam bots, Best Buy Oops, ICANN hacked, Freebase is shutting down, and Apple’s mysterious domain names.

This will be my last weekly update in 2014, so I want to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I don’t plan on sending out any more updates this year. There were a few significant updates and blog posts since my last update, and a few other posts worth mentioning. [Read more…]

Best Buy Mistakenly Exposes Their Exclusive Blogger List

Best Buy Logo

Best Buy, in a recent internal communication to their Wolf Bloggers exclusive blogger list, sent out an email to their list of bloggers about an agreement with another affiliate organization. In the email, they CCd everyone. One of the bloggers subsequently Replied All to the list, which then exposed Best Buy’s entire exclusive blogger list. The list contains the email addresses of hundreds of bloggers who Best Buy pays to blog about products sold in Best Buy stores. Best Buy also send those bloggers certain products to test and review. [Read more…]

Bill Hartzer Weekly Update – December 7, 2014

Domain Name SEO Search Engine Registration scam, Google SERPs Instagram Date Mistake, 7Search Accused of Traffic Stealing.

Last week was a very short week because of the Thanksgiving holiday here in the USA, so I decided not to send an update. There are a few significant updates since then, including two Google Penguin updates, and a few other posts worth mentioning. [Read more…]

Bill Hartzer Weekly Update – November 12, 2014

Google Updated the Knowledge Graph, and State of Search conference next week.
I only have one update this past week, as it was a short (but busy) week last week, with traveling at the end of last week.

Google Knowledge Graph Update

Last week Google updated the Knowledge Graph, which includes data from various sources like to populate informational data in the search results. Here’s an example of the Knowledge Graph at work (a search in Google for “Bill Hartzer”: [Read more…]

Bill Hartzer: Weekly Update for November 1, 2014

Reddit AMA, Ripoff Report, Klout, and Duane Forrester Leaves Bing.
I have a few interesting updates this week. I did a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything), Ripoff Report’s home page was removed from Google, I don’t trust Klout, and Duane Forrester has left Bing as their Webmaster Liaiason. [Read more…]

Bill Hartzer – Weekly Update October 27, 2014

Google Penguin Refresh last weekend, and Google adds Inbox by Gmail, which is useful for reading email on your phone.

We have a few updates this week, and the major one was the Penguin refresh (a refresh, not an update. We also had the launch of Inbox by Gmail, which is pretty good, as I’ve tested it out already. And oh yeah, there’s a new Share button added this week to Google’s header.

Google Penguin 3.0 [Read more…]

Bill Hartzer Weekly Update: October 18, 2014

Google Penguin Refresh this weekend, and a pricing bug found in GoDaddy’s domain registration.

Google Penguin Update 3

This weekend, there appears to finally be a Google Penguin refresh, which is affecting a lot of website traffic from Google organic search. There are plenty of sites now reporting that they are seeing increases in search engine rankings, some as high as 30 of 40 places from where their site was previously ranking. I also was shown an interesting price bug at GoDaddy, where they were offering a domain name for $5,000. But if you searched for it in another way, the price was only $29. And in case you’ve missed it, you might want to check out SocialCentiv, a really cool new Twitter marketing tool. [Read more…]

Bill Hartzer – Weekly Update August 30, 2014

This past week, there was a major change this week: Google removed Google Authorship completely from their search results, which I have to say was unexpected. They claim that Google Authorship was just a test–but I honestly thought that it was more permanent then they now lead us to believe. I chose not to write a blog post on about this change. Instead, this week I wrote the post on Globe Runner’s blog. Here’s the post, it’s worth a read: [Read more…]

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This post above was supposed to be written upside down. Really. Here’s the post, rightside up. Apparently WordPress can’t handle this upside down text. Oh well.

What If Your Blog Post Was Upside Down?

For some crazy reason, I thought that it would be interesting to write a blog post upside down. Seriously. Sure, it’s kind of weird, but I have a few reasons why I want to test out writing a blog post upside down.

Well, the blog post itself isn’t upside down, but the text in this post is written upside down, using a website called fliptext dot org.

Take a look at the screen shot below, you can actually write normally or type normally and then it will automatically take that text and put it upside down, on the fly.

One of the reasons I want to test the upside down text, is that there are several websites out there that allow you to post upside down, like Facebook, and Twitter, I tested this earlier and the posts are actually upside down.

I suppose that if you’re using a smart phone to see the post, or the social media post, you’re able to see the text as it should be, but just upside down.

But the real reason for this upside down post? I want to see which websites allow you to post upside down, and which sites will handle the text and flip it rightside up. What will be interesting to see is how Google (organic search) deals with this, as I bet that the Google search listing (once this gets indexed) will be upside down. Let’s see if I can get this post indexed upside down.

And see if it’s searchable in Google only by the upside down text title, or if Google can deal with it properly by flipping the text rightside up and then allowing you to find it that way.

This Is My 1000th Blog Post

Screen capture of my WP Dashboard before my 1,000th post.

Wow, what an amazing ride it’s been. I’m happy to say that this blog post is my 1,000th blog post that I’ve posted on It has certainly taken quite a few years to get to this point. But I honestly can say that I’m quite surprised that I’ve been able to write 1,000 blog posts just on this blog. If you count up all of the other blog posts that I’ve written over the years and contributed to other blogs (not including other blogs I own) it’s a lot more than 1,000, I bet it is well into several thousand blog posts. [Read more…]