Blue Man Group Puts on Incredible Show in Las Vegas


I had the amazing opportunity to see Blue Man Group this week in Las Vegas thanks to my friend Joe Morin. I am speaking this week at the WebmasterWorld Pubcon conference being held this week at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Blue Man Group is puts on a great Las Vegas theatrical show in the Blue Man Group Theater inside the Venetian Hotel. The Venetian Hotel is a massive hotel and I hadn’t been there before; thus I got lost trying to find the Blue Man Group theater. Luckily, the staff was helpful and steered me in the right direction.

Blue Man Group gets the audience into the “party atmosphere” by using electronic signs to communicate with the audience before the show starts. One of the hilarious things that they do is point out particular people in the audience, such as Jill Whalen, who apparently “had a headache”. Blue Man Group’s electronic sign pointed Jill out to the audience (asked her to stand up), then told Jill to close her eyes and imagine a cow feeding in a pasture. Then, she was supposed to “get rid of the cow”.

Before the show, the audience is given streaming “paper” to hold onto…which is used later in the show. Probably my favorite part of the show is the drumming on steel drums that contain paint; they’re illuminated by strategically placed lights, and the paint tends to “splatter” a bit when Blue Man Group plays their drums.


There are some amazing “contraptions” that they have made that they literally play; The drumming and combination of light, neon, and sound. The show is a must-see.


Currently, Blue Man Group theatrical shows can be seen in New York, Boston, Chicago, Las Vegas, Berlin, Oberhausen, and Orlando. Blue Man Group’s newest theatre show will open in Tokyo on December 1, 2007. Blue Man Group’s satirical rock concert How To Be A Megastar has toured arenas in over 104 U.S. cities, and has played extensively in Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, and Chile. Megastar is currently back in the United States touring an additional 140 cities.

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  1. visit site says

    ive never seen blue man group and i went to vegas in 2006, kind of wish i saw them now. i remember seeing them on a episode of scrubs it was so funny

  2. Paul Bradish says

    Very cool! My girlfriend and I were able to see both Monty Python: Spamalot and Circ De Soulei Mystyre (thanks to Joe)… but I hear Blue Man is a must see. If PubCon is still being held in Vegas next year, Blue Man Group is definately going to happen.

  3. Brett Tabke says

    I love Blue Man. I have seen them 4 times now and could go again tomorrow. Be sure to pick up their DVD, A Complex Rock Show/Tour. It is so excellent. Thanks for coming out to the show.


  4. Las Vegas says

    Blue Man Group is one of my favorite shows. I have seen it twice; first time I was close to the stage but luckily nothing splattered my way. I always recommend this to friends that visit. Glad you enjoyed the show.

  5. blue man group boston says

    Blue man group is awesome…..They rock on the stage. Love their performance !