Baidu Formally Launches Japanese Language Search Engine

Baidu, Inc. the leading Chinese language Internet search provider, has formally launched its Japanese language search engine at Their Japanese language search engine is run by Baidu’s Japanese subsidiary, Baidu, Inc.

Baidu Japanese homepage

Baidu, Inc will focus on “developing search products that compliment Japanese users’ habits and preferences.”

Baidu originally announced its intentions to enter the Japanese search market in December 2006 and began server testing in Japan in March 2007.

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  1. Penny says

    Interesting news. I think when people think about how the internet will develop they often forget about the amazing influence Asia will have on it for everyone in the future.

  2. neil strauss says

    Does any think Baidu will ever compete with Google? They are big in Asia, but will they ever cross over to the english search?

  3. Penny Stocks says

    Baidu is not even that popular in Asia as the google is, So I dont think it will ever become google @ neil strauss.

  4. JACL says

    Asia has a lot of business influence and by next year will have a greater impact on the economy in the United States. Baidu certainly recognizes that with the Japanese Language search engine.

  5. canvas prints says

    Well if they advertise about Baidu it will become popular, otherwise it will be tough to compete the Giants (google).

  6. Language guy says

    They have the potential to be huge. Chinese is the most spoken language in the world, followed by English and Spanish.

    The Japanese have a huge presence on the internet that will continue to increase. It will be interesting how Google suits the Asian market over the next few years.

    Language guy

  7. Asia traveller says

    It may be a popular search engine but how good is it? Sometimes I check different search engines and compare them, google always gives the best results for me.

  8. Casual says

    I live in Japan but didn’t know about this at all!! Yahoo’s been here for what like 10+ years and Google for like 7 right…I really don’t think there’s any space for another search engine. Besides China’s notorious for censoring their internet – I wonder how Japan will react to that. In my opinion Japan’s too used to beng able to find out the truth no matter how depressing, that the concept of a censored internet will just not work. Or maybe the Japanese version will be different i dunno

  9. Susie says

    Google just seems to do things right. They are hard to compete with. It will be interesting to see how it plays out.