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Before the invasion of YouTube, Facebook, and bloggers, the Internet was embraced by visionary PR professionals working feverishly to develop online content to advance a client’s agenda. But since the birth of social media, citizen journalism and an ever-evolving world of online communications, we are facing new challenges more complicated than ever before.


If you are a Public Relations Specialist, how can you exploit what’s new and exciting on the technology front without overlooking traditional media that still matter? Public relations icon Robert L. Dilenschneider gives veterans and neophytes in the industry the information they need to succeed in THE AMA HANDBOOK OF PUBLIC RELATIONS (AMACOM; February 28, 2010; $35.00 Hardcover).

“This book helps anyone who wants influence to develop the mind-set, intuitive grasp, confidence, strategies, and tactics to bring together all available and emerging tools,” Dilenschneider says. “Those who get the hang of it will not only survive, but contribute to the common good, as well as their own good. Those who do not will find themselves voiceless and ignored…The practice of public relations is filled with those who aren’t being heard or won’t be.”

Written for corporate managers and consultants, students and professionals, Millennials and Baby Boomers, THE AMA HANDBOOK OF PUBLIC RELATIONS offers guidance on combining both the right digital and traditional communication approaches with the means necessary for protecting a company or client from harmful attention online and off.

In addition to his own wealth of experience, Dilenschneider draws on hundreds of interviews with media and Internet experts, business leaders, and consumers to address what he views as the “most critical and useful issues” facing PR professionals today. Spanning topics of interest from the nuts and bolts of digital technology to practical advice on speechwriting, making presentations, penning op-ed pieces, and conducting market research to achieve PR objectives, chapters cover:

— Creating a Web presence that communicates the right message—in a human voice;

— Using blogs, Twitter, and social networking sites to attract, connect with, and win the right target audience;

— Monitoring the Internet, efficiently, affordably, and continually, to keep on top of what is being said about your company, products, services, industry, leadership, and competition;

— Viewing the PR universe in terms of hyperlinks—and profiting from cooperating and collaborating with competitors; and

— Strategically using online and offline communications to reinforce one another, with a commitment to staying current, exploring a variety of options, and conducting pilot projects.

Dilenschneider also devotes a section to the broader PR spectrum, which includes investor relations, tourism, and other specialized areas that require specific skills. Filled with instructive examples, step-by-step action plans, and takeaway information, THE AMA HANDBOOK OF PUBLIC RELATIONS is a valuable resource guide for everyone whose job or company depends on winning influence through communication, on the Web and beyond.

Robert L. Dilenschneider has been a public relations professional for over 40 years. Experienced in a number of communications disciplines, he is frequently called upon by the media to provide commentary and strategic public relations insights on major news stories. He has counseled major corporations, professional groups, trade associations and educational institutions, and has assisted clients in dealings with regulatory agencies, labor unions, consumer groups, minorities, and others.

In October 1991, he founded The Dilenschneider Group, which provides communications services in fields ranging from mergers and acquisitions, and crisis communications to marketing, government affairs and international media. Prior to forming his own firm, Mr. Dilenschneider worked with Hill and Knowlton, Inc. for nearly 25 years, including serving as president and chief executive officer from 1986 to 1991. As CEO, he succeeded in tripling the firm’s revenues to nearly $200 million and delivering more than $30 million in profit.

Mr. Dilenschneider is widely published and author of several books including A Briefing for Leaders, On Power, The Critical 14 Years of Your Professional Life, Moses: C.E.O, The Critical 2nd Phase of your Professional Life, 50 Plus!—Critical Career Decisions for the Rest of Your Life, A Times for Heroes, Power and Influence: The Rules Have Changed, and his latest, THE AMA HANDBOOK OF PUBLIC RELATIONS (AMACOM; February 25, 2010).

Furthermore, Mr. Dilenschneider is a member of the Public Relations Society of America, the International Public Relations Association, the Council on Foreign Relations, the U.S.-Japan Business Council, the Economic Clubs of New York and Chicago, and the Florida Council of 100. He is a Fellow to the International Association of Business Communicators, and in recognition of his contribution in promoting New York City, he received the city’s Big Apple award.

An active board member, Mr. Dilenschneider is a member of the advisory board of the Center for Strategic and International Studies, a member of The Bretton Woods Committee, a member of the Board of Governors of the Leader to Leader Institute, and a member of the Soundwaters Honorary Board. He also sits on the Board of Governors of the New York Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences and the North American Advisory Board of The Michael Smurfit School of Business at University College Dublin.

A supporter of higher education, he has lectured before scores of professional organizations and colleges, including the University of Notre Dame, Ohio State University, New York University and The Harvard Business School. He is a trustee of the Institute of International Education and serves as a judge for The Olin Award, a program of the Olin School of Business at Washington University in St. Louis. In 2001, he received an honorary Doctorate of Public Service from Muskingum College.

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  1. Public Relations says

    Hey Bill,

    I just wanted to say thanks for introducing this book. The world of Public Relations changes on a daily basis and as social media becomes more popular, PR Professionals have to learn to adapt.