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Bill Hartzer – Weekly Update for September 21, 2014

Less than 10 links to your site? You could still get a Manual Penalty in Google Webmaster Tools. Google Knowledge Graph and How to Get In–and a report on the results of my .Com vs. gTLD Domain Name tests.

This past week, there are really two interesting new developments and posts worth noting. One involves Google Webmaster Tools and manual penalties because of bad links to your site. Turns out that I have a client that has a website with less than 10 links. But Google still gave the site a manual penalty for “inorganic links” pointing to the site. Turns out that there are bad links, but I didn’t think that Google would give a site a manual penalty because they had less than 10 links. Read the details in my post:

Another interesting development? Google started showing the Google Knowledge Graph results next to the search results for my name. Turns out that a while back I made myself a page, and that’s the info that they started showing. If you haven’t done so already, go ahead and make a page for you and your company. Freebase is a collaborative effort, like Wikipedia, so you might want to add more topics or pages or edit any existing page so that it doesn’t look like all you’re doing is editing or adding your own stuff. More about this on my post.

And Finally, the Big Report is Out!
It’s been literally months that I’ve been working on this test, and the resulting 27 page white paper. I tested .Com domain names versus gTLD domain names (new gTLDs) and am seeing some interesting results.

That’s it for this week. Don’t forget to sign up for my Advanced Link Training seminar, which is being held THIS WEEK! It’s the evening of September 25th, 2014 in Dallas. More info can be found at

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