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VortexDNA Search Technology Can Improve Click Rates

According to VortexDNA, their predictive search technology is proving its ability to increase click rates by up to 14 percent. If a company like Google were to increase their click rates by 14 percent, that could equalt an additional revenue of more than $800 million dollars a year.

Google’s own staff has recently achieved a one percent improvement in click rates. VortexDNA has recently demonstrated that users are fourteen percent more likely to click on a Google Search(TM) link with a high VortexDNA relevance score than on one with a low score.

VortexDNA recently chose Minimax Consulting LLC for an expert review of the VortexDNA search technology.

Bloomberg commentator Johnathan Thaw, recently suggested a 10 percent gain in click rates on online advertising could mean a five percent increase in sales for search engines like Yahoo!

VortexDNA technology is a simple and powerful way of mathematically calculating alignment based on your core purpose and values. First, the technology generates your numerical profile based on a short series of profound questions. That profile can be referenced against anything you choose: other people, jobs, even Googleâ„¢ search results.

The technology can calculate how well aligned you are with someone else by how closely your profiles match. The process for calculating alignment with anything other than people, however, is a little different. For that, the technology calculates how frequently people who share your core values have chosen each product, service or job.

In the case of Googleâ„¢, the VortexDNA profile of each website grows every time someone uses the technology to run a search. Because VortexDNA is entirely mathematical, it never needs to track your history or record your personal information. The profile of a website is stored as a number, and that number gets continually updated as more people visit the site.

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