Bill Hartzer

Using Square To Boost Domain Authority

Well, this is interesting. Or embarrassing. Apparently, somehow Square is associating me, of all people, with boosting Domain Authority. I mean, according to Square, who sent me a marketing piece in the mail, I run a company called To Boost Domain Authority. Does this indicate that you can use Square to Boost Domain Authority? Take a look at what Square just sent me:

So, either this is some sort of cruel joke that someone in the Search industry is playing on me, or maybe using Square will really boost your Domain Authority? Sure, use Square to Boost Domain Authority!! Maybe I need to go get Square now, and maybe it will boost my Domain Authority?

In any case, after all, I did write a blog post a while back called How to Boost Domain Authority that many search marketers liked. It was even mentioned on Search Engine Land back in 2011, when I wrote it.

So, if you’re reading this, then this might be some new black hat technique to boost domain authority.

Or maybe I filled out a form somewhere using some overly aggressive anchor text that included “to boost domain authority” or someone did that for me? Or as Dr. Pete Meyers told me, “When the Snail Update comes along, penalizing anchor text in snail-mail, you’ll be sorry!”.

Hey Square, please purge your database of my name and my new company name, To Boost Domain Authority, I don’t want to be associated with boosting Domain Authority in that way!

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