Bill Hartzer

Top 10 Search Keywords for Portland Oregon 2012

What did residents of Portland, Oregon search for during 2012? Well, Google has released the top 10 keywords (search terms) that people searched for–while they were in Portland, Oregon. Why would we possibly want to know what people in Portland Oregon searched for? Why do we care? Well, I honestly can say that I have no idea. Why, Google, would you pick Portland Oregon of all the cities in America–or even in the world, for that matter? Who knows?

Anyhow, here are the top 10 search terms on Google that originated from Portland Oregon in 2012:

The following terms make up Google’s Portland top ten searched list:

1. Portland Public Schools
2. Craigslist Portland
3. LA Fitness Portland
4. Costco
5. Olympics 2012
6. Easter 2012
7. OnPoint Community Credit Union
8. iPhone 5
9. Mother’s Day 2012
10. Mega Millions

Wait. There still is hope. Google has actually released the top ten search terms nationally (United States), as well. The following terms make up Google’s national top ten searched list:

1. Whitney Houston
2. Hurricane Sandy
3. Election 2012
4. Hunger Games
5. Jeremy Lin
6. Olympics 2012
7. Amanda Todd
8. Gangnam Style
9. Michael Clarke Duncan
10. Kony 2012

Google says that these keyword phrases come from local IP addresses searched on which are then ranked in order by volume of searches. Every year Google highlights the top ten most searched terms in most major metropolitan cities across the United States.

According to Google, for the first time this year they also looked at the top 10 most searched restaurants on Zagat in Portland, Ore. The list is headed by Pok Pok, Le Pigeon, Castagna, and Portland City Grill.

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