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Tealeaf Raises the Bar on Customer Experiences on Websites

Tealeaf, a leader in online customer experience management, has a new version of Tealeaf cxView. Tealeaf CX Empower Ebusiness allows you to see exactly why online customers fail or succeed on a website. This presents a significant leap forward for online businesses to ensure positive, successful and profitable customer transactions.

With these new enhancements, you can now move the online customer problem identification to true “Ebusiness optimization”.

Tealeaf cxView is the latest addition to the Tealeaf’s family of CX online customer experience applications, which provide a 360-degree view of the online customer experience. cxView provides extensive customer experience analytics, including customizable dashboards and scenario impact reports that enable companies to better understand why customers succeed or fail when using critical online processes.

According to the Tealeaf press release today, “For the first time, any Ebusiness stakeholder – from IT management to the CEO – can track key performance indicators (KPI) of the success or failure of online customers to discover – in real time – the issues and obstacles causing variance from defined business goals. When these KPIs – such as conversion rates – change, business or IT users use Tealeaf’s sophisticated analysis tools to drill down into specific online customer sessions to determine the precise causes and make changes before they have a significant impact on the business.”

Tealeaf cxView and the new release of Tealeaf CX include a number of significant enhancements, including:

– Scenario Impact Analysis: decrease abandonment based on real-time reporting of the business impact of known customer experience issues or scenarios on process abandonment;
– Real-Time Dashboards: executive dashboards of customer experience metrics and business process health that track in real-time exactly when key performance indicators exceed or fall below defined business goals;
– Real-Time Event Analytics: sophisticated event process that enables analysis and reporting on unstructured customer experience data in real-time;
– Universal Browser-Based Replay: reproduce in any browser a customer’s actual online experience, including the specific pages they viewed and how they interacted with them;
– Rich Internet Application Replay: Tealeaf’s patented replay of individual web sessions now supports Flex and Flash applications, in addition to HTML and AJAX-based applications.

Tealeaf is a leading provider of online customer experience management solutions. Tealeaf’s CX family of solutions provides unprecedented enterprise- wide visibility into every user’s unique online interactions.

This “360-degree view” of the online customer experience enables a clear and consistent understanding of the customer for Ebusiness, IT, customer service and legal and compliance executives and their organizations across a wide range of vertical industries including retail, banking, travel, insurance, telecommunications, pharmaceutical and transportation.

Founded in 1999, Tealeaf is headquartered in San Francisco, California, and is privately-held. For more information, visit

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