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Splitting a Website Into Two Websites: Part Two

splitting website into two websites

As you might recall, I decided to split my website into two separate websites. I moved content (mainly my services pages) over to, leaving my 1000+ blog posts here on this blog. I’ll continue to blog and write news articles here on The goal is to make more of a blog and news site–while moving my SEO Consulting business over to and Hartzer Consulting.

It’s been five days since I completed the move of these pages and launching with new content. What’s important to note here a few things:

You can go back to the last post (linked at the top of this post) to see why and what has been changed and moved. I also added some background information, as well.

So far, after 5 days, though, I have noticed significant changes:

So far, 5 days after the move of a lot of pages from to, formerly a dog website, is going well. Google is, in fact, responding like it should, and faster than I would expect. I’m seeing some rankings today on the new site, which is good. I expect the whole process to take a few more weeks.

As for, I have actually made some posts that were more newsy/journalistic type posts, and those ranked extremely well, better than expected, actually. So, that’s looking good so far. I have submitted the site to Google News, and we’ll see how that goes. If I end up getting into Google News, great. If not, then that’s okay with me, too.

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