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Search Engine Technology Patent Portfolio Up for Auction

ICAP Patent Brokerage is auctioning off a patent portfolio that enhances search engine functionality from Jason A. Denise. This search engine technology patent portfolio discloses search engine technology that can “significantly enhance functionality and user interaction compared to current conventional systems.”

Here are a few highlights:

— User interface enables concurrent viewing of multiple options from a set of search results.
— Displayed search results are automatically rearranged or reformatted with regard to such characteristics as font, size, and description.
— Using this search engine system, a user can provide comments or tags to search results, determine relationships, and link them accordingly.
— Further, these relationships can be stored for future analysis by the user.
— Displayed results can be expanded to display additional user comments.
— Advertisements associated with a result can be displayed or updated on the user interface when the result is clicked by the user.

One of the patents, called “Electronic search interface technology”, patent number 7934161, is described below:

Techniques are described for displaying a representation of a list of electronic search results while a user is reviewing content linked to by electronic search results included in the list. While the user is reviewing the search results, the user may jump between content linked to by different search results using the representation of the list of electronic search results displayed. The displayed representation of the list of search results may be updated based on the user’s browsing activities in reviewing the search results, user input manipulating the list of search results, and supplemental information added to the list of search results by the user.

What I find interesting, is this summary:

An electronic search provider may enable a user to submit a search query related to information in which the user is interested. In response to the submitted search query, the electronic search provider identifies electronic documents that match the submitted search query and displays the matching electronic document as a list of search results.

This particular patent portfolio is part of the 15th ICAP Ocean Tomo IP Auction on March 29, 2012, at Terranea Resort near Los Angeles, California.

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