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QuikOrder Awarded Patent for One-Click Internet Ordering in E-Commerce Transactions

QuikOrder, Inc. has been awarded U.S. patent no. 7,197,478 for an entry system for the placement of product and service orders via web.

This new technology is different than the one-click checkout technology offered at The QuikOrder technology is called FAVORDER and is the first truly one-click solution for ordering products and services on the internet at e-commerce sites and via cellphones and PDAs.

Here’s how the QuikOrder FAVORDER technology works: initial ordering information, including payment by credit card, PayPal or other payment mechanism, delivery or pickup information and product data is included in a coded URL. An icon representing the order can be inserted on the desktop, as a favorite browser setting or on the quick launch bar. After that, one click submits any repeat order. While optional settings can be specified to prompt for passwords or additional confirmation steps based on input from the firm providing the product or service, the system is designed to reduce the customer action to one single click on a PC, Cell Phone or PDA.

Check out the QuikOrder YouTube video featuring actor John Moschitta, best known as the ultra-fast-talking executive in 1980s Federal Express commercials. He reprises his rapid-fire delivery for YouTube viewers with earnest efforts to quickly place a pizza order by phone while, on a split screen, he makes fun of himself and shows off FAVORDER’s one-click ordering:

QuikOrder has five active U.S. patents in place, including the patent portfolio of the former, with 15 more patents pending. “We are the category leader in online ordering with a customer base that includes Pizza Hut, Domino’s Pizza and other regional chains,” said Bermont. “We plan to continue setting the pace for how online business will be conducted in the future and FAVORDER technology is the latest step on that road.”

QuikOrder Inc. is the number one online ordering company serving the $30 billion pizza industry. Since 1999, QuikOrder has supplied the top pizza chains with their patented, proven technology, offering speed and flexibility in an easy-to-use service.

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