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L2 Launches Dynamic Personal URLs to Drive Customer Response to Marketing Campaigns

L2, Inc., a technology platform for one:one personalized, multi-channel communication that integrates digital media and print formats, has announced general availability of Fuse(TM) PowerPURL campaigns for marketers and agencies demanding cutting-edge personalization via highly personalized websites for their direct marketing campaigns.

Personal URLs (PURLs) are websites targeted to a specific individual’s profile, customizing text, graphics, offers, and even interactive elements that are personalized on-the-fly for each individual. The new PowerPURL campaigns deliver PURLs plus other powerful elements, including data driven variable graphics, dynamic layouts, real-time notification of responses and the ability to integrate seamlessly with direct mail campaigns or e-mail campaigns through the L2 web-based Fuse platform.

The research provided by organizations like the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) show that adding a PURL to e-mail or direct mail campaigns boosts responses, improves information gathering and increases opt-in behaviors. PURLs track overall marketing effectiveness by showing sales teams and executive management the origin of leads and how they are being delivered to sales.

PowerPURL boosts multi-channel marketing campaigns, helping to break through response barriers and draw out detailed responses from customers, while gathering metrics for campaign analysis.

Most importantly, PowerPURL responses help create a personal relationship with each customer, referencing response information to build the relationship. PowerPURL strengthens customer communication, and results in high-volume responses for future campaigns by integrating PURL references with direct mail, e-mail and call campaigns.

L2 created PowerPURL for campaigns that allow customers to design without restrictive design templates or contact forms. PowerPURL provides design flexibility and adds functionality, including mail list de-duping and address standardization for integration with direct mail, real-time notification of leads, and virtually unlimited data capture from a respondee’s interaction with the PURL website.

These complex features are delivered at a price that is less than half the rate of similar, but less dynamic solutions in the marketplace. PowerPURL is designed to fit well within a marketing budget to enable and exploration of new and creative campaigns that achieve effective customer contact and response.

Key Features
– 3-Month duration for each PowerPURL campaign
– Customer-owned PURL domain
– URL format options: or
– Up to 100,000 list records
– Address verification and de-duplication of list
– Real-time e-mail notification of hits
– Automated reports
– Use of customer designed HTML or selection from L2’s Fuse templates
– Up to 50MB of graphics or files for PURL hosting

Pricing and Availability
PowerPURL campaigns from L2 are now available for $5,000 per campaign, which includes setup and implementation of a single-send campaign with the L2 implementation team. PowerPURL campaigns are immediately available to respondents upon creation, to enable rapid campaign launches and results. For a PowerPURL demonstration and to find out more about how to launch future marketing campaigns, contact L2 at, or visit

L2 is the provider of Fuse(TM), a next generation campaign management solution for highly personalized marketing campaigns and collateral. Fuse increases the success rate of marketing campaigns by leveraging personalized client data and integrating campaign delivery through print, email, and web.

L2 serves Fortune 1000 customers in healthcare, banking and financial services, insurance, government, and travel and leisure. Fuse customers include Intel, Delta Dental, HP, Hyperion, Kaiser Permanente, Mergent, Inc., the United States Postal Service, Virgin Mobile, and AutoDesk. L2 has been serving customers since 2001, and is headquartered in Palo Alto, California. For more information, please visit or call (650) 944-8571.

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