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Ingenio and Medio Combine Forces to Mobilize Pay Per Call

Ingenio and Medio are teaming up to “mobilize” Pay Per Call. They’re going to extend the Ingenio Pay Per Call ad network and put “mobile consumers in direct touch with local advertisers”. Ingenio will team up with Medio Systems to integrate Pay Per Call ad listings into the Medio MobileNow Ad Network.

Starting in the second quarter of 2007, Ingenio Pay Per Call advertisements will appear in response to consumer search queries across mobile properties participating in the Medio MobileNow Ad Network. The Ingenio Pay Per Call advertiser only pays when a consumer initiates a call to the business from their mobile phone, thus ensuring completely measurable results from mobile ad campaigns.

Here’s more from their press release today:

“Mobile search is a unique advertising platform where advertisers can reach consumers who are actively looking for their services and ready to transact at that moment,” said Omar Tawakol, Chief Advertising Officer for Medio Systems. “Pay Per Call is aligned with our vision because it surfaces specific content — in this case, the phone number of a relevant merchant, like a taxi or locksmith service — and gives the mobile consumer immediate access to that advertiser with a click of a button, no cell-phone Web surfing required.”

With the rise of more Web-enabled mobile devices, consumers are increasingly leveraging mobile phones to access localized information around weather, maps and businesses while on the go. Ingenio Pay Per Call puts local, service-based business directly in front of mobile consumers while they are searching. Currently, Ingenio advertisers in industries such as flower services, auto repair and hotels are most commonly queried by mobile searchers across Ingenio’s partner network. Because phone call leads enable these businesses to directly engage with prospective customers, they convert to sales more often than other forms of direct response advertising (such as clicks).

“Today’s announcement builds on Ingenio’s momentum in the mobile space, and demonstrates how effective the Pay Per Call ad model is at both enabling and monetizing mobile search,” said Marc Barach, chief marketing officer, Ingenio. “Recent studies have shown that the most valuable ads are those that are highly targeted to a consumer’s real-time needs. Search-based ad models like Pay Per Call capitalize on this by showcasing advertisers as relevant, local content.”

The Medio MobileNow Ad Network makes it easy for advertisers to reach self-qualified mobile audiences across participating operators and off-deck properties, while mobile properties can maximize ad revenue by serving the most targeted mobile ads. Through this partnership, Ingenio advertisers’ Pay Per Call ads will be targeted across the MobileNow Ad Network, increasing advertisers’ reach to a significant North America subscriber base, and allowing them to pay only for results.

In 2004, Ingenio launched and now operates the industry’s leading Pay Per Call Advertising Network, which includes distribution of text listings and/or audio offers across a variety of online and offline channels, including top-tier search sites, online directories, mobile search and free directory assistance services. With Ingenio, advertisers are able to purchase targeted, qualified phone leads on a performance basis across various media, all from one centralized account, and pay only for calls received. To participate, advertisers visit to set up a free account and create an ad listing.

About Ingenio, Inc.
Ingenio empowers service-oriented businesses and individuals to maximize Internet commerce through the power of voice. Ingenio’s suite of voice-commerce applications, including Pay Per Call(R), Live Advice(TM) and Ether(TM), are all designed to help the services economy flourish online, and have connected millions of buyers and sellers around the world. Founded in 1999, Ingenio works with top-tier customers and partners including AOL, InfoSpace, Microsoft and For more information, please visit

Pay Per Call (R) is a registered trademark of Ingenio, Inc.

About Medio Systems
Medio Systems is the leading provider of mobile search and advertising solutions that help mobile operators implement the best customer experience and allow advertisers to reach their intended target audiences. Created specifically for mobile, Medio Mobile Search combines an intuitive, effortless user interface with powerful recommendation and personalization technologies.

The Medio MobileNow(TM) Performance Ad Network makes it easy and affordable for advertisers to reach self-qualified audiences across multiple mobile properties, while leading mobile operators and off-deck mobile site owners can maximize ad revenue by serving highly targeted mobile ads. For more information, please visit

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