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Hitwise is Shutting Down

by Bill Hartzer, February 18, 2020 at 2:38pm CST

Hitwise, the internet data company that has helped global brands and agencies understand how consumers think, search, book, and buy online, is shutting down. In a statement published on their website, Hitwise posted that due to events outside of their control, Hitwise is winding down its operations.

Hitwise has been providing internet usage and data insights for over 20 years. Hitwise is a division of Connexity, that measures behavior across desktop, tablet and smartphone devices. Hitwise provides marketers with online insights to help them understand, track and grow market share. Their headquarters is in New York.

The statement on the Hitwise website reads:

Due to events outside of our control, Hitwise is winding down its operations. This is a very sad time for us at Hitwise after 20 years of operation providing first to market online measurement. We are very proud of the great company and industry leading insights products we built over the years. We are also proud of the many long-standing customer relationships we forged. We want to thank our clients around the world for their valuable partnership as well as their understanding and support as we manage through this unexpected turn of events.

Thanks again for your understanding and support.

Back in 2007, I recall posting about Hitwise data, where they reported that Global Warming was heating up. I’m not sure why exactly it is why they’ve decided to wind down operations, but it seems as though a lot of data and data insights companies have been shutting down recently.

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