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Corey Rudl Family Settles Lawsuit

Corey Rudl

If you might recall, in 2005 I wrote about the accident that tragically killed Corey Rudl, one of the true internet marketing pioneers. Corey’s wife and parents have settled a lawsuit against Porsche and the racetrack where Corey Rudl was killed.

Corey Rudl was riding as a passenger of Ben Keaton in a Porsche Carrera GT, a $440,000 exotic “racecar for the streets.” Mr. Keaton was also killed when the Porsche left the track at the California Speedway on June 2, 2005, crashing into a concrete barrier at a speed estimated to be nearly 100 mph. Rudl and Keaton were participants in a Ferrari Club event being held at the track.

According to a press release today, the sports car was not equipped with Electronic Stability Control, a feature that would have prevented Mr. Rudl’s death. This is according to Craig McClellan, who represented the Rudl family in the lawsuit. The lawyer and the family says that the “track was dangerously designed with the concrete barrier that the Porsche hit being placed in the “run off” area where the vehicle is supposed to be given room to slow down.”

The defendants paid $4.5 million dollars to Corey Rudl’s wife, Tracy, and his parents, John and Patricia.

Corey Rudl was the founder and President of the Internet Marketing Center, Inc., the largest Internet marketing company when Mr. Rudl owned it.

Update, December 1, 2013
In a very eery coincidence, Paul Walker was killed in a 2005 Porsche Carrera GT, the very same make and model that Corey Rudl was driving when he was killed.

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