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AOL Sponsors TopCoder Open 2007

The top 80 programmers from across the world are going to compete for $260,000 in prizes from June 27th through June 29th at The Mirage Las Vegas. The top eighty programmers will compete in algorithm, development and design tracks. There will be two new competitions: TopCoder Studio for graphic design and the Marathon Match event.

The Total prize purse across all competitions is $260,000. Online registration for multiple tracks opens Monday, February 19th and continues through March 27th. For full TopCoder Open registration details please check out the topcoder competition site.

The 2007 TopCoder Open onsite competitions will be broken down as follows:
– The Algorithm competition will comprise a group of 48 semifinalists with a first prize purse of $25,000;
– The software Design track will comprise a group of 8 finalists with a first prize of $25,000;
– The software Development track will comprise a group of 8 finalists with a first prize of $15,000;
– The new TopCoder Studio competition will comprise a group of 8 finalists with a first prize of $15,000;
– The TopCoder Marathon Match will comprise a group of 8 finalists with a first prize of $15,000.

TopCoder competitions currently include the annual TopCoder Collegiate Challenge, TopCoder Open and inaugural TopCoder High School tournaments, weekly online Single Round Matches, Marathon Matches, the Digital Run series and private label events such as Google Code Jam.

TopCoder also offers multiple software design, development and assembly competitions 24 x 7 in which real world business solutions are built. In addition, TopCoder Studio provides a competitive arena for creative skills such as graphic arts and design. TopCoder membership is free and brings with it eligibility to compete in high profile tournaments, discussions and learning via round tables and educational forums, as well as access to some of the world’s leading employers of software developers.

TopCoder is the recognized leader in identifying, evaluating and mobilizing effective software development resources. Through its proprietary programming competitions and rating system, TopCoder recognizes and promotes the abilities of the best programmers around the world. TopCoder software harnesses the talent of these developers to design, develop and deploy software through its revolutionary competitive development methodology.

TopCoder’s methodology emphasizes thorough specification and design, distributed development using reusable components, and a rigorous quality assurance review process that results in higher quality, lower cost software solutions than traditional software development methodologies. For more information about sponsoring TopCoder Events, recruiting TopCoder members and utilizing TopCoder Software, check out

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