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5 Things to Consider Before Developing Web Videos

Based on figures released in January of 2012, YouTube now reaches 4 billion hits per day. Needless to say, there are a ton of people watching web videos on a daily basis. Furthermore, people now expect to see video content discussing the types of products and services they are looking to purchase. So, if you are a company who is looking to reach your audience online, how do you get started with web video content?

Before developing your web video content, do these five things

Video can be fun to watch and produce. Most people are just excited to get started with video and integrate the material throughout their website. However, there are a few things you should think about before venturing down the video production path. Here are five things you should do before starting a web video:

  1. Identify your audience – First and foremost, determine who you are speaking to with the video. Are these new website visitors? Are they returning customers? What is their mindset? How much do they know about your product or service already?
  2. Develop key messages – Video is fun to create, but it can also get expensive if you don’t focus. By developing a set of key messages, you give yourself a solid foundation for a concise message. People don’t like long articles and they don’t enjoy long videos either.
  3. Draft a creative brief – There are some videos you can self-produce. However, in most cases you should enlist a professional to complete the job. Develop a creative brief, or a short description of the project objectives, to share with potential video vendors. This type of information helps ensure all parties are on the same page before the expensive production process begins.
  4. Create a schedule – If your project doesn’t have a target date, then you’ll likely get frustrated. You should match the excitement of video by developing a firm project schedule.
  5. Determine where the video will be distributed – It’s funny, but many organizations don’t plan out where the video will be shared online. This is certainly something you need to consider before the video production begins. Figure out the sections of the website where the video will be included. Identify the content that will surround the video. Think about the information that will be available to the viewer once the video is complete.

In summary, you should just plan out your video production before jumping in. The costs of video increase when you ignore key elements like the audience, schedules and key messages. Save yourself some money and get the most out of your video production vendors by going through this 5-step checklist.

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