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18 Speakers to See at Engage 2018 Portland

Bill's List SEMPDX Engage Conference

Whenever there’s a great search engine marketing or search marketing industry conference, I personally take the time to review all of the speakers. Just recently, I hand picked the speakers to see at Pubcon Austin. Especially when it’s a great conference, such as SEMPDX’s Engage conference, which is being held on Thursday, March 8, 2018 in Portland, Oregon. I spoke at last year’s Engage conference, and the year before that–and it’s a great one-day conference to attend.

There are a lot of great speakers this year at Engage 2018 Portland, so I thought that I would, again, hand pick the best speakers to see and connect with. So, without further adieu, here’s my list, called “Bill’s List”, of speakers you should see at Engage 2018 Portland:

Purna Virji
Ian Lurie
Brent Csutoras
Dana DiTomaso
Eric Enge
Marie Haynes
Dan Leibson
Dave Rohrer
Kristine Schachinger
Eli Schwartz
Will Scott
William Sears
Paul Shapiro
Carolyn Shelby
Matt Siltala
Matt Van Wagner
Susan Wenograd
Marty Weintraub

My list, this time, is in alphabetical order, except for the two keynote speakers: who are fabulous!

And, if you are speaking and didn’t make my list this time, then I probably haven’t seen you speak yet. Feel free to get ahold of me and convince me to put you on my list next time.

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