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Yelp Was Down

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Yelp logo. (PRNewsFoto)

May 16, 2016: 12:01pm Yelp is now back up and running, it appears that the site was down for several hours today, May 16, 2016. While it was down, they were displaying this message:

Previous blog post below, as I initially reported it:

It appears that the Yelp website is down. This is the first time in many years that I have seen this website go down, and it’s certainly newsworthy. So many people rely on reviews from Yelp, good or bad, and many businesses rely on having good reviews on Yelp.

I checked the website “down for everyone or just me” and it shows that the Yelp website is, in fact, down:

On Twitter, it appears that it’s being reported for at least an hour or so:

I am sure that it won’t be down for too long, as I get more information I’ll update this post. Check back.

May 16, 2016: 11:01pm: Slashgear is reporting that “Frustrated users began to complain at around midnight last night, but the real down-time appears to have started in at around an hour and a half before this article was published”.

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