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SEMrush Launches Keyword Kombat Winter Sports Edition

Keyword Kombat

SEMrush, one of my go-tools for Keyword Research and a whole lot of other SEO and SEM tools, has launched Keyword Kombat Winter Sports Edition

The goal of the game is to pick which keyword is more popular and which keyword has more search volume. You get points for each correct answer, and you can keep going, racking up points until you get three wrong answers.

On my first try, I got 1400 points. The second time I tried I got 2100 points.

This reminds me of GoDaddy’s domain name game a while back, where you have to guess whether or not a domain name is registered or not.

Do you remember the website Hot or Not? Maybe this shows how long I’ve been creating websites, but I remember the simple site Hot or Not, that was quite popular in it’s day. From user-uploaded photos, website visitors would pick if that person was hot or not. Because it was so popular, there were even knock-off scripts out there and hundreds of websites were created just using those scripts and the same concept. Hot or Not was launched in October 2000.

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