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Matt Cutts Resigns From Google, Will Lead USDS

Matt Cutts, former head of the web spam team at Google, has officially resigned from Google. His last official day at Google was December 31, 2016, he announced on his blog.

Matt had originally taken an extended leave of absence from Google, prompting many to wonder, for a long time, what Matt would be doing. You might recall that in March/April 2015, I successfully pranked the SEO industry with an April Fool’s joke about Matt Cutts joining Globe Runner. This “worked”, and many “believed” the blog post because so many wanted to know where Matt Cutts had gone. Matt is so well liked, and he did a wonderful job connecting with webmasters and website owners.

Matt Cutts’ response to my April Fool’s joke in 2015 was great:

In June 2016, Matt joined the US Digital Service, with a plan to stay for 3 months. Now, he’s going to be the acting administrator of the service going forward.

Thanks so much for your service, Matt. I know we’re all better off and you’re helping a lot of people here in the USA.

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