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Grammarly Statement on Google Chrome Extension Bug

Recently I wrote about how there was a bug in Grammarly’s Google Chrome extension. The bug allowed virtually any website to essentially get ahold of your login credentials and gain access to the Grammarly documents in your user account. As I mentioned in my post, Grammarly did fix the bug.

Now, Grammarly has put out a statement on Twitter regarding the security breech regarding the Google Chrome extension issue:

This bug did not affect the Grammarly Keyboard, the Grammarly Microsoft Office add-in, or any text typed on websites while using the browser extension. The bug is fixed, and there is no action required by our users. We’re continuing to monitor actively for any unusual activity.

In the statement they say “This bug” and don’t specifically mention the Google Chrome extension bug. I have to assume, though, that that’s the bug they’re referring to, as they responded to me and someone who retweeted my post about the Grammarly Google Chrome extension bug.

Regardless of whether or not the bug affected the Grammarly keyboard, Microsoft Office add-in, or any text type on websites while using the browser extension, it’s still a good security practice to go ahead and change your Grammarly password. Actually, you should be doing that on a regular basis anyway, right?

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