Bill Hartzer

Accepting Bitcoin for Payment of SEO Services

As someone who started doing SEO back in 1996 for my own business and my affiliate websites, well before there even was an industry called the “search industry” or “digital marketing”, I’ve never thought of myself as being one who was an innovator. Well, over the years I’ve come to the realization that I’ve innovated lots of things over the years.

Hint:My latest innovation? The first-ever SEO to be accepting Bitcoin for payment of SEO services.

Or, at least have done things way, way before it came to be a best practice or even something that everyone else did.

There were a lot of things–like creating great content, writing great linkbait headlines to get traffic and clicks before it was called “linkbait”. I was doing “social media” and getting traffic back before it was called “social media”. Do you remember online forums? Message Boards, or even usenet user groups? There are still some great forums around. I was an admin on Search Engine Forums, helping others with their website and SEO.

Then there was DFWSEM and some even call me one of the founders of Dallas SEO as it is known today.

The latest? Well, there’s certainly other innovative things I’m doing, and if you follow me on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, or some other social media website, you’ll find out.

The latest? With the Bitcoin craze going on, I now look back and see that once again I was an innovator. Yep, since 2013 (November 2013 to be exact), I have been accepting Bitcoin as payment for my SEO services. I was the first-ever SEO to accept Bitcoin as payment. Now, I don’t know of any other SEOs or SEO firms that are accepting Bitcoin as payment for digital marketing services. If there are, or if you are, then let me know on Twitter.

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